Can USATestprep Be Used for Credit Recovery?

Published: Nov. 30, 2020, 3:29 p.m.

2020 has given us an academic year like no other with school openings postponed or moved online, as well as a tangle of challenges around technology and remote learning. Because of the myriad of ongoing ups and downs with school schedules, credit recovery is almost certainly something more teachers, students, and parents will be exploring.

Credit recovery is designed to help students who didn’t pass a course originally gain the necessary knowledge to pass an exam on a new attempt, without having to retake the entire course. It almost goes without saying that credit recovery is ideal for students who may have fallen behind due to COVID.

What many teachers don’t realize is that USATestprep is often used as a full or supplemental credit recovery resource.

Denise Robider is a 9th grade, Algebra 1 teacher at Windsor Forest High School in Savannah, GA, who has seen good results using USATestprep with her students in their “Twilight” credit recovery program.

“Kids go to the lab and work through courses,” explains Robider. She notes that students were coming back from COVID with low lexile skills, struggling with the language of math as much as the math itself.

“They just aren’t familiar with the math terms,” she says. “So I upload notes and videos onto Google Classroom and then assign a CW assignment via USATestprep.”

She notes that “USATestprep forces them to dig a little deeper,” and that “It's obvious they are catching on to the language and the concepts. I saw a big difference in the types of questions the kids were asking, indicating they had a much stronger base knowledge to even be able to frame the questions.”

The Twilight program at her school uses several different online programs for credit recovery, and Robidar says she appreciates how simple it is to use USATestprep in conjunction with other resources, such as Google Classroom.

Having used USATestprep for more than a year now, she says she thinks the questions are “great,” and intends to up her use of the platform for credit recovery.

If you have questions about using USATestprep for credit recovery, you can contact us at to find out about free training options. Teachers new to USATestprep can request a free trial or a quick 30-minute demo of the platform.