Perhaps this has happened to you: you’ve created an assignment for a class but a student will tell you, even SHOW you, that it hasn’t shown up on her homepage. One of the most likely reasons for this is that the student has multiple accounts. A student will forget the password, so instead of getting it from you- or us- she’ll just create a new account. This means that the original account- the one you have in your online class roster- is getting the assignments, but the one the student uses- the new account- isn’t showing anything. Fixing this is pretty easy.

– Password Card. Be sure the student prints out a Password Card, found in the “Student Resources” box on the student Home Page. It can be printed multiple times and placed in multiple locations.

– Student Email Address. If a student supplies their valid email address, they can be sent an automated email reminder of their password. Remember: USATestprep does not sell or exchange any student or teacher email addresses. Supplying a student email address remains optional.

– Merge Accounts. If a student has multiple accounts anyone with Account Admin privileges can merge them into a single account. No data is lost in this process. (If you are not sure if you have Account Admin privileges, look for the “Admin” tab in the top right of your page. You can also check under Account Preferences from your home page.)

– Join a Class. If a student DOES create a new account, he/she can add themselves to your class. Yes, they’ll show up twice, but then 1) they will continue to get their assignments and/or 2) you can always merge the multiple accounts into a single account.

These processes can help ease any confusion regarding missing assignments related to multiple accounts. If you have any questions, please to not hesitate to call or email.

Did you know that you can always check on your school’s USATestprep account from your home page? When you log in to USATestprep, you’ll notice the Teacher Resources box on the right, and within that the “Account Information Link”:

Clicking that link will take you to information about your school’s account. Here you can look at login and usage information, subscription and renewal dates, and the contacts for your account:

We hope this tool helps you to keep track of your school’s account quickly and easily!

Every two months we will email brief video tutorials to help you maximize the use of USATestprep. Reply to this email if you have a suggestion for a future movie.

What’s New for 2009?

Managing Student Profiles

Managing Teacher Accounts

Quicktime is required to view these movies. You may download it here:

Whitney from Manchester High School emailed asking how she could edit a benchmark test she created. I made this movie explaining how.

She said I could share the video to help other teachers with a similar question.

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An administrator emailed a question about the teacher management system.  He asked me how to delete those teachers from the teacher admin system.  With his permission I made a movie explaining.  Click on the image to view the movie.  Thanks Michael for the great question!