Do you have a website for your students? If so, you can put our Question of the Day (QOTD) and Vocabulary of the Day (VOTD) on your site.

When you go a Test Subject page, look for the Online Resources category and click the first link under that.

Just follow the simple steps on the next page.

Our system will generate code for you to insert into your website’s code. Just place it between the “” tags.

If you need help with this, just give us a call. We’re happy to help.

Its almost that time again: time for basketball tournaments to dominate the sporting headlines around the country. You can capitalize on that excitement by having your own tournament with our original two player game, Smackdown. You can find it under the Games tab on either the Teacher or Student site in each test subject.

But you can also print out tournament-style brackets to make the game even more interesting. You can find this on your Teacher Home page. Just look for “Tournament Brackets” on the right in yellow box.

A pdf file will open up with tournament brackets for 4, 8, 16, and 32 players.

Bring out the competitive side of your students by using Smackdown and these brackets not just in March but all year long!

You might decide to change your password during the year. Or maybe your school has changed email nomenclature and you need to revise your email address with us. This is a very easy task that you can handle quickly.
Just look for the Edit Account link under your avatar on your Home page.

Then, make any of the necessary changes. Be SURE to click the green Save Changes button when you’re through.

See: we told you that was easy!

If you ever have a problem getting onto or using USATestprep know that there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot.
If we are aware of issues on our end we will send out notifications about the situation, either through the Message system on your Home page or through an email. But usually the issue lies on the user’s end. Here are some common occurrences.

Firewall Issues
Perhaps you experience a processing delay in which scores or submitted data does not seem to go through. This could be an issue of your school’s network, or firewall. If you believe this to be the case, please call or email us. We can send you or your I.T. department information that you can use to make sure our information can pass through the firewall safely and securely.
Videos or Games Won’t Play

  • If this is on a school computer, check with the IT department before doing anything.
  • Make sure you have updated your web browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, etc.) to the latest version.
  • Check that you have the latest version of Adobe Flash on the computer.

Of course, if you need to call or email us we’re happy to assist you. It would also be helpful to know what browser- and version- you are using.

Every Monday morning, USATestprep’s Facebook page contains “Today’s Milestone.” We highlight an anniversary or event in history that is relevant to what students study in school.

Of course, sometimes they represent a fact that is just plain awesome, such as the unveiling of Kermit the Frog on Washington, DC, television in 1955. Regardless, we’ve received feedback from teachers who use “Today’s Milestone” as a bonus question or icebreaker in class.
So if you haven’t checked us out on Facebook, click here. If you have, see you Monday!

The Manage Class section on the Teacher Home Page contains some valuable tools you may want to utilize.

To find it, just click on the Classes tab to display all classes you have already created. Then, choose the green Manage Class button on the right.

You can then access a great amount of information about that class. You can 1) change the name of the class, 2) edit the test subjects associated with that class, 3) Add/Remove Students, 4) print out password cards for each student in that class, and 5) look at the Progress, Gradebook, Students, and Class Results associated with that class.

The Progress tab allows you to see how that class is doing with the content they are required to master. You can choose the appropriate test subject, click “Go,” and quickly see how the class is doing. Note that Progress statistics are solely based on specific activities such as Benchmark Tests, Objective Tests, and Full Test results, not practice activities or games.

Clicking the ± symbol expands the standard to show progress in specific elements. The exclamation point shows areas in which the class might benefit from remediation.

The Gradebook tab shows the Assignments and Benchmark tests completed by students. These results are clickable, sortable, and exportable, allowing you greater control of the data.

The Students tab allows you to access to your students’ login information. Clicking on a student’s name…

… will let you see information such as the student’s account information, individual progress, the time the he/she has spent on site, and the results of all tasks they have completed.

And then there is the Results tab. This, much like the Student Results tab on the Teacher Home Page, gives you access to everything your students have done on the site. These results are also sortable, exportable, and clickable. Click “View” to see detailed results of a student’s performance on a specific assignment.

All of these should allow you to keep tabs on the performance of your students in a complete and easy manner. As always, lets us know if you have any questions.

This probably never happens to you- just to other teachers- but sometimes a student may forget his or her password. Any teacher can help a student if this happens.

From your Home page, look for the “Student Password Search” link.

Next, simply type in the student’s name. It could be the student’s first name…

… or their last name.

When you find the name, click the Search button. You will then see the Username and Password for the student you selected. You can even print a password card for them.

This should help calm nerves- theirs AND yours- should a student panic over a forgotten password.

When your students do work for you on USATestprep, you can always find their results under the “Student Results” tab on your Home page.
Or can you?
What if you get a notification that there are no results?

The system automatically loads the first 10 results over the last week, so if it has been more than seven days since students have completed work for you on the site you will not see anything. Just click, “See More Results” for searching options.

You can search for results in a myriad of way: by student, class, activity, test, current or archived, and- perhaps most importantly- by date. You can choose a predetermined time frame- last month, 3 months, etc- or within a specific date range. Once you have made your choice, click the “Go” button.

You will then see the results for the students/activities/date range you have chosen. Still don’t see the result you’re looking for? Note that at the bottom of the results you can see how many result pages there are. You can change the number of results you see per page, as well. And if you want to manipulate them further…

Clicking the heading of any column will sort the results by that category. Of course, you can View assignment results and Archive ones that are old and you want hidden from view. (Don’t worry: you’ll still have access to them.) At the bottom of the results are two more options. You can choose to have all results sent to you in a nightly email simply by clicking the box to the left of that option. And you can also download Student Results by clicking the blue “Export to Excel” button.

These options should help you keep a better track of your students’ performance in your classes. Let us know if you have any suggestions or comments.

Don’t forget about the Message System which is new to USATestprep in 2011. We sometimes use this to communicate important messages or information about the site.

But you can use it for your students, as well. Teachers can compose messages to students in their classes. You can use this to remind students of upcoming tests, schedule changes, or to offer words of encouragement. But remember: you MUST have classes set up in order to do this. To create a message, simply click on the “Create New Message” link. Then, give your message a Subject and type the message to your students.

If you leave the “Allow Students to Reply” button clicked, students will be able to respond to you and only you. Our system does not allow students to create their own messages to you or to other students: they may only reply to your messages, and only if you choose that option.

You then choose who will receive the message. Clicking on the box next to each class will allow you to send it to all students you have placed in your previously created classes.

But, if you want to send it to an individual student or a select few students, simply click “Uncheck All” then check the specifics students who will receive the message.

When you are finished, click the green “Send Message” button, and your work is done. Now, when the student logs on to USATestprep, they will see the message you sent.

Students can see the message and reply to it (as long as you chose that in the creation process). If a student does reply, you will then see it on your Home page. You can Remove it or any message with a red circle and “X” by simply clicking on the X. Sometimes USATestprep may send a message that we consider to be critical to your usage of the site: in that case, you may not be able to close Remove the message.

As with other parts of the site, you can always search for older messages you have sent or that you have received. Simply click on the Filter Messages link and begin your search.

We hope you have found or will find this new feature useful in keeping open the lines of communication between you and your students.

Sometimes when students forget their username or password they’ll want to simply create a new account. This is a bad idea for them and for you as their teacher. When students create a second/third/etc account, they will most likely not be receiving any assignments you create for them. As a result, they’ll lose any credit you would give them for completing their work. Additionally, multiple accounts makes tracking student performance more difficult for teachers and administrators. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do.

Anyone with Administrative access can block students from making accounts. This can be done by making sure the appropriate box is unchecked on the student list on the Admin tab.

When this is unchecked, teachers will notice on their Home page that they will not be able to print Student Activation Cards or print Wall Signs.

Additionally, if students attempt to create an additional or any new account they will receive a notice alerting them to the account creation block. They’ll also be able to fill out a “Password Retrieval” form online.

And if you notice that there are already multiple accounts for a student, you can merge the accounts together. Simply locate the student accounts and click the orange “Merge” button for the account you want to keep:

You will then be given any suggested accounts you wish to merge INTO the account you just selected. Choose the correct account- or accounts- and click “Merge Students.”

You will then see that the accounts have been merged.

We hope these help with you with managing multiple student accounts. As always, let us know if you have any questions.