Sometimes when students forget their username or password they’ll want to simply create a new account. This is a bad idea for them and for you as their teacher. When students create a second/third/etc account, they will most likely not be receiving any assignments you create for them. As a result, they’ll lose any credit you would give them for completing their work. Additionally, multiple accounts makes tracking student performance more difficult for teachers and administrators. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do.

Anyone with Administrative access can block students from making accounts. This can be done by making sure the appropriate box is unchecked on the student list on the Admin tab.

When this is unchecked, teachers will notice on their Home page that they will not be able to print Student Activation Cards or print Wall Signs.

Additionally, if students attempt to create an additional or any new account they will receive a notice alerting them to the account creation block. They’ll also be able to fill out a “Password Retrieval” form online.

And if you notice that there are already multiple accounts for a student, you can merge the accounts together. Simply locate the student accounts and click the orange “Merge” button for the account you want to keep:

You will then be given any suggested accounts you wish to merge INTO the account you just selected. Choose the correct account- or accounts- and click “Merge Students.”

You will then see that the accounts have been merged.

We hope these help with you with managing multiple student accounts. As always, let us know if you have any questions.

When you create assignments for students, you can now “preview” the assignment.

Once you have created the assignment- either a test, multiple choice, vocabulary, etc- go back to your home page and find the task under your “Assignment” tab.  Click “Options” and then “Preview” from the pull-down menu.

You will then be prompted to begin the task as if you were a student. When you do this remember:

  • If you preview anything OTHER than a Benchmark Test Assignment or Video, you will see questions that are similar in style and topic to the ones your students will see. Test, Practice, and Game questions are populated randomly from our database, so the ones you see will not be the exact same questions as those your students see.
  • If you go through the Preview and answer questions, your results will NOT be stored in the system.

We hope you enjoy this new subscriber-suggested option. Let us know if you have any questions or comments.

When using the site, you will see terms that may seem similar. Lets focus on the terms Small/Medium/Large/Full Test, Benchmark Test, and Practice.

Small/Medium/Large/Full Test: This refers to the entirety of the state-mandated curriculum for the subject. When a student takes a Small/Medium/Large/Full Test, he/she will see questions from our database from the whole subject. Additionally, the questions, while drawing from the same domains, will vary for each student.

Benchmark Test: This is an assignment that the teacher creates. Teachers can choose to create this based on the entire test, specific domains, or particular elements. This option allows teachers to have more control over which questions appear on the test, as well as add their own questions to the test. It also populates the test with the same questions for each student.

Practice: These are activities that the student can access from the test subject page and that teachers can assign to their students. “Practice” offers many more options than multiple choice. Also, students see their answers immediately after entering their choice in practice. All questions- multiple choice, vocabulary- vary from student to student.

Let us know if you have any additional questions about these types of assignments. You can also find more information about all of these topics in our “How-To Videos” found on your Home page.

At USATestprep we value teacher feedback. In fact, our features and improvements are based on what our users want and need. If you ever see a question that might need improving, if you experience difficulty in the operation of a video or game, or if you have some general feedback for us, just look for the “Question Feedback” button.

You will find this below completed practice questions, when viewing test results, or when choosing questions for a benchmark test. This feedback is sent to our subject experts who reply within one business day to your concern. Of course, you can use this forum and our Facebook page, as well.

In our last “Quick Tips” we looked at how to share a benchmark test. Did you know that when you create a benchmark test you can have our system automatically eliminate an incorrect answer? This option can be found in Step 2 of the Benchmark process.

By default, the “Number of Answers per Question” option is set at 4, but you can change this is a simple mouse click. If you choose to have three answers per question, students will then see one incorrect answer eliminated for them.

Additionally, all students can choose to eliminate answers on any test they take. Simply directing the mouse to an answer choice will highlight that choice. To the right of an answer is the “Eliminate” link.

Clicking this will eliminate the answer for the student, which will be represented by the answer being “grayed out” with a line through it. But the answer can easily be reactivated by clicking the “Reactivate” link.

We hope that these option help both teachers and students to improve their scores and reduce test-taking anxieties.

Remember, you can share a benchmark with other teachers in your school. This is perfect for department- or school-wide review.

To share a benchmark you simply need to change the “Teacher” option in the first step- “1 Enter Teacher Info”- when you create a benchmark test. Change your name to “Shared Benchmark- Allow Students to Choose” from the drop down menu.

When a benchmark is created with this option in place, any teacher who has chosen that test subject- American History, Algebra, etc.- will be able to have the results of the benchmark sent to them should a student choose. You will know a benchmark is a “shared” benchmark by the red “S” next to the assignment’s name.

As always, this topic and many others are covered in the  “How To” videos located on your teacher Home page. Lets us know if you have any additional questions!

Have you created an assignment but it is not showing up on your students’ Home page? Here are some possible reasons why.

– You’ll want to make sure that the student is part of your class. Click on the Classes tab on your home page, then the  “+ View Students” link next to that class. If you do not see the student in that class, add them by clicking the green “Manage Class” button and following the appropriate steps to add a student.

– Verify the start date of the assignment. You can edit any assignment- that has not yet been started by any students- by clicking the orange “Edit” button from the assignments listed on the Assignments tab. Click the second step- “2 Choose Options”- and look at the Start Date. If that date has not yet occurred it will not show up on students’ Assignment tab. They will only be able to see the assignment when that date is reached.

– Make sure you have chosen students in the third step of the assignment process. Again, choose the Edit option for an Assignment. Then, click the final step- “3 Select Students”- and verify that students have been added to that assignment.

As always, this topic and many others are covered in the  “How To” videos located on your teacher Home page. Lets us know if you have any additional questions!

After you have created classes for your students, you will want to take advantage of our Assignments tab on your teacher Home page. To create an assignment, just click the Assignments tab, then the “Create New Assignment” link.

The first step is to give that assignment a name. Then choose the type of assignment you want to give- Test, Practice, Game, or Video (comprehension questions)- and the appropriate options that go along with each type of assignment.

The second step is to choose a start date and an end date for the assignment. When you choose a start date in the future, please note that the assignment will only show up on for your students when that start date has been reached. Also, once an end date has been reached, students will still be able to see the assignment on their Home page, but they will not be able to complete it. You can also choose whether or not you want students to be allowed to retest missed questions.

The final step is to choose the student you want to take the assignment. You can choose an entire class by simply clicking on the box next to the class name. If you only want specific students to take the assignment, click on the box next to the class name, “Uncheck All,” then select the student who you want to complete the assignment. Then click “Save Assignment,” and you’re all done!

Remember, this topic and many others are covered in the  “How To” videos located on your teacher Home page. Lets us know if you have any additional questions!

Creating a class is easy and allows you to assign tasks to students. This is how you do it.

  1. From your home page, click “Create New Class” under the “Classes Tab.”
  2. Next, assign your class a name and select which test subject (or more than one) you want to associate with that class. This is VERY important: this will allow your students to select you to receive their test and practice results. When you are through, click “Save Changes” then close the modal window. Your class has been created!

You will need to add students to that class, and there are two ways to do that: you, as the teacher, can do it and students can do it. Here is how a teacher does it:

  1. To add students to that class, click “Manage Class.
  2. Click the green “Add/Remove Students” button on the right of the next page.
  3. You can search for students who have created an account on USATestprep in a few ways. First, you can search by the first letter of their last name (click on the appropriate letter), you can search by typing in their first, last, or full name (click “+ Advanced Search”), or you can choose from the list of recommended students (based on students who have sent you results in the past; this may be blank for you).
  4. Once you have found the appropriate student, click “+ Add”.
  5. If you have already created assignments for that class, you will be given the opportunity to assign them to the new student. You can either choose the box next to the assignment and click the green “Add Assignments” button, or you can click “Continue without adding assignments.”
  6. The student will then appear on the left and will be in your class. Repeat this quick process for each student and you will have your class filled.


Students who have an account can also add themselves to your class. This is how:

  1. From the student home page, click “Classes.”
  2. Click “+ Join a Class.”
  3. The student then must choose the Teacher and Class from the pull-down menu, then click the “Join” button.
  4. The class will now show up in the student’s list of classes…
  5. … and will also show up in your list of students for that class.

Remember, this topic and many others are covered in the  “How To Videos” located on your teacher Home page. Lets us know if you have any additional questions!

We received feedback from you about the “Add/Remove Students” function on the website. Based on these suggestions we have made adding students even easier. Now you can search for students by last name with a single click of the mouse: just choose the first letter of their last name, find them from the list, and click “+Add.”

You can still type in their last name by clicking “Advanced Search” on the right. Removing students already in your class- listed on the left- remains the same.

Let us know if you have any questions about this new and improved process.