The USATestprep content team has been very busy this winter adding resources to better match your state’s tests.  Below is a list of some of the things that we have accomplished recently. We’ve added hundreds of each of these:
  • New “Choose All” style Technology-Enhanced Performance Tasks, sometimes called “Multi-Select”
  • New questions authored across our most widely-accessed standards
  • New and newly-improved instructional videos
  • New free response/essay style questions
  • New printable worksheets added to our database
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  • For benchmarks associated with old standards, teachers can convert them to new standards.
  • Look for the “Outdated Standards – Click to Update” link.
  • Any items previously used in the old benchmark (questions, performance tasks, and free response) will be automatically selected.
  • Teacher-authored questions cannot be converted — but teachers can write new questions if they want to.
  • When converting a benchmark, there’s a warning that the length and structure of the benchmark will most likely change.
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New Integrations

USATestprep now integrates with OneRoster and ClassLink. Districts can now create/update their student accounts via SFTP. For help setting this up at your school or district, please contact our customer support team.

Arcade Game Improvements 

Our arcade game, Mini Golf 2, is now tablet and mobile friendly. This means your students can play it on any device.

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USATestprep just released an enhancement for students who are retrying missed items.

Why? After hearing feedback that students didn’t see the retry button and accidentally navigated away from the page, we made the retry opportunity more obvious.

What’s the change? Immediately after submitting an activity which allows a retry, students will see the option to retry with very clear buttons — YES or NO. We also state that this is the only chance they have to retry.

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  • The filter and gradebook load separately — previously, the filter and gradebook loaded together, which meant a teacher had to wait for the entire gradebook to load, only to change the filter.
  • The filter is always expanded (no more Filter Grades link).
  • If teachers have any hidden assignments, the message is displayed below the gradebook.
  • More tweaks to the gradebook are coming, but this is a nice start!
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As of today:

  • Benchmark answer keys will have the correct answers bolded and italicized (in some browsers).
  • The following changes have been made to USATestprep’s “Assignments” tab:
    • Group assignments won’t load until you click to expand.
    • Pagination
    • Ability to hide the filter
    • If a filter is set, the Filter Assignments link is formatted.
    • No more “Grades” button;
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Thank you to the more than 5,100 students and teachers who took USATestprep’s March Survey. Our new arcade game, Test Drive is the reigning favorite with students by a large margin!

favorite gamesAre you including games as part of your group assignments? 81% of teachers told us they assign games at least sometimes with their group assignments.  And yes, we heard you: over 86% of you said you would like more games to assign to students.

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Start your engines!  An exciting new game has launched!  Test Drive is now available to play in the game arcade.  Costing four tokens, Test Drive gives students the opportunity to choose one of four characters (Tater Tot, Sasquatch, Naughty Chicken, or Penelope) and race around the track for a chance to finish in first place.  Turbo boosts can be collected along the track for an instant burst of speed.  Watch out for colliding opponents and sharp turns!  

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What’s the old way?

Previously, a teacher could edit assignment settings here (multiple attempts, minimum score, retry missed items) at any time, even after students started completing the assignment.

Why was it a problem?

That functionality was plagued by bugs, not to mention some confusion — were all students affected or only students who haven’t completed the assignment yet?  What if the student has one attempt left and the settings are changed?

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  • In the past, teachers could select a different start or end date for assignments within a group assignment on USATestprep.
  • We are simplifying the Group Assignment interface:
    • Teachers will select one start date and one end date for the entire group.
    • The date picker tool is more user-friendly with a prettier calendar (updated for single assignments too).
    • We added a message next to the end date to remind reachers that assignments are available to students for 2 months afterwards.
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