If you’re new to USATestprep or just need some refreshers about the site and our services, we’ve got you covered. We offer free public webinars to go over some of our most popular features, personal online webinars, and even on-site training. Please check out our website to see the specifics of these options: when you log in, look for “Training” under the “Help” category.


Our very popular versus-style game has a new twist.  Now, you can play the game at the test level or choose a single content area within a test.

This allows the game to be playable all year long, not just during test preparation time.

Go Zombie!

Super Graduation Smackdown

Do you like to dance?

Do you like robots?

We launched a new game that has three levels of finger-tapping joy.  The game play is simple and educational. Answer three questions correct to advance to the next round of gameplay.


By popular demand, we added the ability for teachers to filter student email results by class. So now teachers may login to view their student email results, choose the class, and only see those results.


Here at USATestprep we dislike spam as much as everyone else. We take great effort to make sure we are CAN-SPAM compliant. If you feel like we are sending you too much email and you would like to opt-out of our mailing list, look for the ‘opt out’ link at the bottom of the emails you receive (see graphic below).

We reworked our matching activity code for students.  These activities are located in the “Other Activities” of each content area review. It is now more visually appealing to students and easier to use.

New interface features:


  • Drag and drop Interface
  • Terms are removed from list when used
  • You may use your student profiles
Let us know what you think!


Per subscriber requests, we have added the ability for teachers to merge or combine multiple teacher accounts into a single account. To do this, simply login as a teacher and proceed to the Teacher Management link in the Teacher Resources section. There, we provide easy-to-follow instructions.

Please do not hesitate to call or email with any questions.

Many subscribers have requested a way to view logins for each subscription by test.  In response, we have created a more accurate method for determining test-specific site usage.  The Account Details link located off your logged-in home page now displays a “Usage by Test” section.

This data is compiled and displayed separately for each test. We hope that this will give teachers and administrators a good “at a glance” view of site usage. Here are the values attributed to each type of site usage:

  • Test – 3pts
  • Student Email Subscription – 3pts
  • Game – 2pts
  • Matching Activity – 2pts
  • Tutorial Question Set – 1pt
  • Quiz – 1pt
  • Vocabulary Set – 1pt

We are proud to announce a new, educational game for students. This is our first implementation of a single content area game and acarde-style bonus game.

Here is the game description:

 “The naughty chicken has stolen your diploma again! Answer seven questions correctly to catch him! You gain points for each correct answer and lose points for each miss. You can really rack up points during the bonus round.”

We author our games to be fun AND educational for students.

 We consolidated and upgraded our data searching and reporting features. You may now query by student, teacher, or test to find student results. You can find this new feature under “Student Data” in the Teacher Resources section. We feel the new system will make data harvesting much easier for teachers, counselors, and administrators.