Due to needs from our current subscribers, we recently completed a review for the rigorous Physical Science EOC. We custom built this resource from the ground up to accurately match the state requirements.

If you would like to add this subscription please contact us by phone or email. We can have your subscription available within 24 hours. We can also provide you with a pro-rated price so all your expiration dates match.


We launched two more new playable characters for our SUPER GRADUATION KOMBAT SMACKDOWN game. They are the Shark and Sasquatch. Enjoy the fun illustrations and learn at the same time.


2.pngOur next new character has arrived! Don’t mess with Bud or you will get a headbutt to the posterior. His sworn enemy is the bulldog, and he is stompin’ mad. You might also recognize him from the Mountain Climber game.

As of last night (2/27) the review curriculum for the GHSGT Science test has been converted to the GPS-Only standards. The older testing standards (GPS/QCC) are still available via a new link on the site in the sub-navigation. Students now have a review experience that is aligned directly to the new tests coming up in March. All current Georgia Science subscribers get instant access to this resource at no additional charge.

The review curriculum for the GHSGT Social Studies test has been converted to the GPS/QCC combined standards. The older testing standards are still available via a new link on the site. Students will now have a review experience that is aligned directly to the new tests coming up in March. All current Georgia Social Studies subscribers receive instant access to this resource at no additional charge.

All test data, puzzles, resources are brand new for this test.


1.pngToday students may now play as a bulldog! We have a total of 4 new characters on the way.

Based on subscriber feedback, we have added some new features to the site. I will also take this time to answer a few common questions we have received lately.

Study Guide Dojo
Create custom, printable, student study guides with a few clicks of the mouse. These are ideal for tracking and documenting the remediation of your students.
Watch Demo Movie – http://usatestprep.com/movies/dojo.mov

Teacher Management System
Students previously typed in teacher email addresses to have activity and test results emailed. Now teachers simply add themselves to the system and their names are listed in a user-friendly pull down menu for students. No more lost results due to typos.
Watch Demo Movie – http://usatestprep.com/movies/teacher_email.mov

Section Quiz Results Now Stored
Due to popular demand, section quizzes are now stored on our database just like our tests. Students take an online section quiz and teachers may login and query by name, date, grade, student id, or teacher to find particular quiz results.
Watch Demo Movie – http://usatestprep.com/movies/quiz_results.mov

Quiz, Test, Progression Data Graph
When analyzing student data, you will now see a line graph progression by date. This will help you see trends graphically.
Watch Demo Movie – http://usatestprep.com/movies/new_graph.mov

Q. When will you be updating content for new upcoming state tests?
A. We always update content before the first administration of any new state tests. Our internal goal is always to launch new review materials at least two months before the new test. We complete the lion’s share of our new authoring during Winter and Summer break.

Q. How do I report a question that contains an error?
A. Every one of our questions and vocab terms will have a link that says “Question/Term Feedback” after you have submitted your answer. We respond to all submissions within 24 hours.

As always, do not hesitate to call or email if you have any feedback or questions.

Due to our fantastic subscriber growth we are upgrading our server. The move and upgrade will take place this weekend.

Upgrading our servers will ensure the fastest learning experience for your students and staff.

If you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to email or call.

We have worked for nearly three months developing this new game for students (and faculty) to play. Our goal was to create a “versus” type game where two students could play head-to-head. We brainstormed to think of some awesome playable characters to make it more enjoyable. We designed this game based on our #1 request from students, “Build more fun games.”

Tasty Tidbits:

    6 playable characters
    Single or 2 Player Mode
    Student Accounts
    High Score Board
    Power Ups
    Finishing Moves

Many Mississippi subscribers had been curious about how we were going to deal with the new frameworks that were put in place over the summer by the Department of Education for English II and Algebra I. We have been busy staying on top of these new standards and have now completed the update to the site. Upon logging in, you will see these changes to the two new tests, with the (Revised) subheading. However, you still will be able to use the standards from the old frameworks, if any of your students require testing based on these. They are listed at the top of the subject page in blue and conspicuously labeled. We hope this helps your students. Enjoy.