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Rethinking the Green Dot Challenge™ for Distance Learning

New Manchester High proves the Green Dot Challenge™ is not only virtually possible, but also conquerable even in the midst of uncertainty and a worldwide pandemic. Adrienne Petit describes taking the initiative to get her school on board with the GDC, the challenges she faced, how she incentivized students, and the lessons learned.

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Proud to Be a Teacher

USATestprep brand ambassador Donna Purvis is an American Literature and AP Language Arts teacher at Dodge County High School in Georgia. With 17 years of teaching experience under her belt, Donna shares how nothing could have prepared her for what she and her students faced when the COVID-19 crisis hit. Read her personal story.

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Why Is Teaching the Noblest Profession?

Teachers affect as many as 3000 students during their careers! They instill knowledge, imbue hope, teach morals and values, nurture self-confidence, educate the difference between right and wrong, cultivate love and friendships, motivate constructive behavior, and encourage the leaders of tomorrow. Guest writer, Claudia Jeffery says: "In fact, even a student passes their threshold of expectations; teachers simply push their students to achieve even greater things in life. Learning is …

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Memorial Day Math Activity

Honor and recognize the fallen heroes of our country by teaching your kids that Memorial day is more than Barbeques and lake days, while also practicing double-digit addition.

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A Few Helpful Hints for Our Google Classroom + USATestprep Users.

With many being required to utilize one platform, here are a few highlights on how to get the most out of Google Classroom and integrating it with USATestprep.

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