3 Things You Need to Know About Teaching/Coaching Generation Alpha

While the oldest is just 9 years old, schools and universities are planning ahead for what is touted to be the most influential generation to come—the Alphas.

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Role of Teachers in Students' Personality Development.jpg

Role of Teachers in Students' Personality Development

During a busy school day, sparing time for the personality development of students is a challenge for teachers. However, for most of the kids, school is their first encountered social circle that provides an excellent opportunity for personality development.

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Why This Teacher Stays In the Classroom

We fell in love with this article from veteran teacher Peter Barnes, first published in Edutopia, about his 20 years in the classroom. Our favorite paragraph:

I try to focus on the tiny interactions that make differences for students: a two-minute conversation about a student’s new dog, a positive email to a parent about her child’s progress, a high five for a former student in the hallway. These moments sometimes …

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How One Missouri School District Is Succeeding With USATestprep

Farmington R-7 School District has been using USATestprep at varied grade levels for more than 5 years. We were thrilled (doing the happy dance), when they wrote us a letter telling us the five things they love about our NWEA MAP-aligned solutions based platform.

To learn more about how USATestprep can be used to develop common summatives, formatives, and also for remediation and enrichment assignments, request a free trial.

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Infinity: It Gets a Lot Bigger Than You Think

The history of infinitely large quantities runs like a dark thread through the work and writings of the great mathematicians of the past 2000 years. For Greek thinkers such as Aristotle, as well as for their Hellenistic successors like Eratosthenes, the idea of an infinitely large set was incoherent or “irrational.” While all of these writers often used the notion of an “infinite” (or, more precisely, an “indefinitely long”) process, …

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