How Can I Convince My District Decision Maker to Buy USATestprep For My District?

Published: Feb. 25, 2020, 2:56 p.m.

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By Dustin Phillips

In today’s ever-changing technological world, online programs have become a norm in the field of education. Everything from e-text to online testing platforms have now taken the place of traditional textbooks and paper tests. With state testing becoming more and more important, using a quality test prep program is at the top of the priority list for many administrators including principals and superintendents.

In my professional opinion, USATestprep is hands down the best program not only for students but for teachers and administrators as well. Here’s why:

1. Accessibility

With USATestprep (USATP), there is no need to download expensive programs onto school computers. USATP can be accessed anywhere with an active internet connection. Students can access activities, assignments, videos, etc. from their smartphone, iPad, laptop, or desktop computer. No more having to be connected to the secure district/school WiFi for them to do their work.

2. Accountability

By setting specific deadlines and minimum scores for assignments, students are literally in charge of their learning. With the click of a button, teachers can print off progress reports to send home or share with other teachers. No more waiting for the school to issue progress reports.

3. Resources

Who enjoys the typical old worksheet or activities that come from the textbook companies? Boring right? Better yet, who enjoys spending countless hours creating your own worksheets? With USATP, those days are gone. With a vast assortment of games, videos, performance tasks, worksheets, bellringers, etc, USATP has you covered. Having numerous resources at your fingertips will also help take the guesswork out of lesson planning. And let’s not forget, EVERYTHING is aligned to your state standards! Enjoy using YouTube in your class, but the district has it blocked? USATP has hundreds of engaging videos that are sure to benefit your classroom.

4. Assessments

Why pay other companies big money to create a test when you can do it all with USATP? Teachers have the option of using pre-made assessments, creating their own assessment through the enormous USATestprep question bank, or they can even add their own questions. Unlike other testing companies, USATestprep doesn’t just limit it’s assessments to multiple-choice items. A variety of performance tasks such as matching, drag and drop, or short answer can be added as well.

5. Remediation

What teacher loves analyzing a stack of data to figure out who needs remediation in which specific objectives? Those days are in the past with USATP. What’s even better is the fact that enrichment activities are assigned with a simple click of the mouse. What used to take hours of analyzing data and assigning remediation can now be completed in literally minutes. Talk about a time saver for teachers!

“What used to take hours of analyzing data and assigning remediation can now be completed in literally minutes.”

6. Data

In today’s data-driven educational world, acquiring data on student achievement is more important than ever. From question analysis to objective mastery, USATestprep covers all aspects of the data analysis process. To make things even easier, all data can easily be converted to an Excel spreadsheet which in turn makes it easier than ever to share with parents, teachers, or administration. With other testing companies, data costs extra, however, that is not the case with USATP. When you pay for a product with USATP, you pay one price for one amazing product!

District decision-makers have a tough time, with limited funds to devote to resources. They need to know that every penny spent has tangible benefits. The points listed here are a strong foundation to kick off a discussion about why USATestprep is a solid investment that delivers impactful results. Even more convincing, however, is when teachers unite in their preference for a resource. If, like me, you understand the benefits of having USATestprep in the classroom offers, make it a point to engage your fellow educators. Have them sign-up for a free trial or demo, or walk them through the platform yourself. The more confident district leaders feel that a resource will be used by teachers, the better chance it stands to have funding approved.

Thank you to our guest writer, Dustin Phillips from Forest High School in Mississippi.

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About the author: Dustin Phillips is employed at Forest High School in Forest, MS where he teaches U.S. History, A.P. U.S. History, and Dual Credit American I and American II through East Central Community College. He also serves as the head coach for the Lady Bearcat softball program. Dustin graduated from Mississippi State University with both his B.S. and M.S. degrees in Secondary Education.