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Published: Sept. 24, 2020, 8 a.m.

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For USATestprep Green Dot Challenge™ fans things just got interesting. That’s because we’ve added a new option for teachers to customize dot rank!

The Advantage of Customization

The new customizations provide huge benefits to teachers and administrators who prefer to set their own goals. For example, you may choose to set the values based on what the state passing percentage is for an EOC or EOG. Or, with students behind due to COVID-slide, you may choose to lower goals initially in order to build confidence early in the year, raising the value as time progresses and students begin to hit a stride.

Getting Started

The new customization options are available at the school level, while district progress reports will maintain the USATestprep default settings. For example, if a district is viewing multiple schools from their account, they’ll use the USATP values to limit confusion with different values being used at a school level. As a district user, you will see the school-specific settings when you log directly into a school’s account.

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Select a Product

Begin by selecting a product. You have the option to create a default for all tests within the school or to select a specific test by product.

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Customize Ranges

Dot rank ranges may be customized by clicking the values up or down.

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When you make the selection to update for all tests in your school, the dot rank percentage values will update across all progress reports.

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Set Test-Specific Values

When you opt to set test-specific values, these values will override those set for all tests.

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You may also elect to remove a test-specific setting to revert to the “All Tests” default. Selecting this option reverts dot rank values back to the default setting. Simply hit “Save Changes” to complete.

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View Current Settings

An export option is available to view all current dot rank settings. Settings may also be viewed by selecting the product and the individual test directly from the Dot Rank tab.

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Do you have more questions? We're happy to help! Contact our support team at or call us at 877-377-9537.

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