Desmos Calculator: Now on USATestprep

Published: June 29, 2020, 2:54 p.m.

Desmos is the most widely used calculator among educators on the Internet. It is available on assessments in 35 states and--with our platform updated to include the Desmos calculator--we now mirror what students see on state tests.

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Benefits from Desmos

With Desmos available on USATestprep, your students can utilize the best-in-class option for a calculator or graphing tool for our assessments (with or without a lockdown browser), assignments, and activities, while being exposed to what they will use on EOCs and state tests.

Our academic team has ensured that the correct calculator (scientific, graphing, or 4-function) is paired with each state’s test. All calculators are updated regularly and automatically by Desmos on our platform. This means students won’t have to spend time relearning a calculator during an actual test, removing stress and helping to boost performance.

Now when creating an assessment with math content, teachers retain the option to enable Desmos for their students to access. Please note that USATestprep math content will automatically include the Desmos calculator unless disabled by the teacher, or if the test does not allow a calculator at the state level (example: 3rd-grade math).

One final note: students have the ability to open the calculator in a new browser window if needed.

Need Help?

Desmos has its own tutorial page, full of great resources to help navigate and learn best practices for each type of calculator. Learn more here.


Check out the amazing entries from the Desmos Global Math Art Contest. We couldn’t get enough of them!


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