Educational Games Upgrade

Published: Feb. 17, 2010, 12:44 p.m.

We know your students enjoy our educational games, and we've listened to a lot of feedback on how to improve them.  The more students interact with our educational games, the more information they're exposed to.  We just finished with a total game revamping which makes them more interactive and more educational.
  • New and Improved "Alpine Climber" - We've changed this game to be fast-paced and exciting.  Quickly answer questions and move through the "Donkey Kong" style bonus rounds to get your maximum score.
  • Cool, New Vocabulary-Based Game, "Walk the Plank" - This is a great new twist on an old game.  Try the old "Hangman" in a totally new way.  It's pirates vs. ninjas using key vocabulary terms from the content area of your choice.  Add a definition and rack up bonus points.  Good luck!
  • Fun, New Game Format - All of your favorite classic games are still there - including the "Naughty Chicken", "Dance Dance Robot", and "SGKS".  Now, they have a fantastic new format.  Answer questions and vocabulary to try and make the upgraded high score board.