Former MN Commissioner of Education Joins USATestprep to Focus on State-Specific Standards Alignment to Improve Student Test Scores

Published: March 12, 2019, 8:48 a.m.

Dr. Christine Jax joins one of the nation’s leading providers of curriculum and assessment solutions with the goal of increasing student learning and standardized test scores for diverse student populations and giving teachers back their Tuesday and Thursday nights.

Atlanta, GA - March 12, 2019 - Dr. Christine Jax, former Commissioner of Education for the State of Minnesota, has joined USATestprep as the company’s Chief Academic Officer. With more than thirty years of experience in education and standards-based learning and assessment, Jax is tasked with the goal of expanding the company's presence into more states beyond the Southeast. Since 1998, USATestprep has provided resources for teachers to help prepare their students for high-stakes testing with content that is specifically aligned to each state’s learning standards. The company’s solutions are delivered via an online platform enabling teachers to access up-to-date content across all core subject areas, to customize the learning pathway for each student, and to provide insights through benchmarking to administrators. USATestprep was developed for teachers, by teachers, and is currently used by nearly 2 million students across more than 3,500 schools nationwide.

“I’ve worked in almost every level and aspect of education, and I am amazed by all USATestprep offers,” said Jax. “

USATestprep started out helping teachers and kids succeed on high-stakes tests, but as the company has worked with teachers it has successfully evolved into a comprehensive teaching platform serving kids in grades 3-12 with everything from

homework, assessments, and remediation to bell ringers, lesson-planning, and so much more.”

Under Jax, the company will increase its investments in product and content development as it rolls out in new states. Jax notes that her goal is to help teachers nationwide reclaim their free time, and improve classroom instruction at the same time.

“Teaching to tests is not education,” said Jax, who at one point founded and ran a school for homeless children. “

I see USATestprep as a culmination of much of the work that I've done in education. USATestprep is helping teachers, we're helping kids who need more personalized instruction, and we're making it easy to teach to state-specific standards."

Will Clemens, CEO, likes to point out that USATestprep is an amazing story in grassroots innovation. “We’re a company whose success has come in large part from word-of-mouth from the teachers who use us,” said Clemens. “It’s incredibly exciting to bring on Dr. Jax, with her deep knowledge of state-specific standards, to take the USATestprep learning platform to schools and districts across the country."

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About USATestprep USATestprep, LLC is the nation’s #1 teacher-trusted provider of curriculum resources and test prep for grades 3-12. Founded by two teachers in 1998, the company helps teachers prepare more than two million students annually for subject area end-of-grade, end-of-course, and college entrance assessments. The platform delivers standards-aligned content with daily tools for the creation of formative and summative assessments, progress monitoring, and customized remediation. Teachers using USATestprep are able to quickly identify student strengths and weakness for high-stakes testing in reading, math, science and social studies. Visit