Georgia DOE Guidelines for School Reopenings

Published: June 3, 2020, 1:18 p.m.

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This week, the Georgia DOE issued guidance for best practices to support school districts in determining plans and strategies for reopening schools. (Read the recommendations here.) Included are what schools can do when they re-open to support digital teaching and learning to ensure equitable access for all students

USATestprep has long been a recognized leader in providing rigorous, teacher-created, state standards-aligned learning resources that are used by educators both in the classroom and for distance learning. Below is a brief summary of how we’re aligned to Georgia’s “Path to Recovery” for K-12 schools.

RECOMMENDATION: Establish an Academic Baseline

RECOMMENDATION: Establish an Academic Baseline

[Learn more: Day One Diagnostic]

RECOMMENDATION: Target Interventions and Support

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[Learn more: RTI Accommodations & Day One Diagnostic]

RECOMMENDATION: Address Learning Loss

RECOMMENDATION_ Address Learning Loss

[Learn more: Digital & Distance Learning & The Green Dot Challenge™]

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