GA Science and Social Studies Update

Published: Aug. 24, 2017, 3:08 p.m.

As you know, USATestprep will be removing access to the out-of-date GPS-aligned Georgia science and social studies resources, grades 3-12.  Due to current usage of these resources, we are modifying our deprecation schedule.  Full access to these resources will remain until we put a few new features in place.
First, assignments and benchmarks aligned to the old standards will be conspicuously labeled.  Teachers will still be able to view these and see results.
Next, teachers will be able to continue using their old benchmarks, regardless of current standards.  Teachers will also be able to convert their benchmarks based on old standards to the new standards.  The conversion tool will look for matching questions, based on question ID, to rebuild the benchmark.  In cases where old questions do not match a new standard and cannot be found within the new test, teachers will be able to add new questions if they wish.
Once these enhancements have been made, we will “flip the switch” from the old standards to the new.  At that time, no new benchmarks or assignments will be able to be created with the old standards, but the new standards will be fully functional.  We expect this to happen around October 1st.