Get TNReady

Published: May 21, 2018, 1:59 p.m.

Students in Tennessee prepare every year to take the TNReady test and prove they have learned enough to enter the world or proceed to college. The tests are an important benchmark for student progress. They are intended to measure understanding instead of memorization.

Students in third through eighth grade take TNReady assessments in English language arts, math, science, and social studies at the end of each school year. Teachers cover necessary materials to help their classes prepare for the assessments. This year, technical difficulties impeded the test’s efficacy, and lawmakers agreed to wipe the slate clean for students. That means negative results won’t be counted against test-takers for the 2018 cycle. 

Next year, however, the test will be back in full force. Parents and teachers alike can help students prepare for the 2019 TNReady in many ways.  

Focus on Healthy Habits

Children need help learning how to study and learn effectively. They should be encouraged to follow a balanced schedule for homework and extra study. Using calendars and rewards for younger children can help them learn to pace themselves and manage their own time.

Students are often guilty of procrastination which can make keeping up with study work difficult. Teaching your kids to be proactive in their own education will make them better able to succeed in school.

Make Learning Fun

Studies show that children better remember concepts they learn in a multitude of ways. Tactile learning is more valuable because of its impact. An article from National Geographic reminds us to help our children interact with their environment for better results. Interactive courses can have a real influence on students:

"Our auditory memory isn't as robust as we might like to think it is," says Amy Poremba. "We think that we are great at integrating all the senses," but the experiment shows that tactile and visual memory easily trumped auditory memory.

Consider enrolling your child in a Minecraft program, science workshop, or STEM summer camps.  

Enlist Test Prep Help

Another way you can help your child succeed in school, on the TNReady test, and future placement exams is to enroll them in an online test prep course. The structured setting of most test prep sites allows students to work within the standards through a variety of exercises. Students can enjoy games, video lessons, and practice quizzes, all directed at helping them understand test materials.  

Your third to the eighth-grade student can benefit in many ways from small adjustments to their routine. Taking time to help them learn how to study properly is the first step towards school success. Enrolling your student in interesting extracurriculars or summer programs can give them a leg up in school. Lastly, using test prep websites is a great way to improve your child's confidence in his or her abilities. Since confidence is key for test takers, never underestimate this last perk.