Hey Chicago Public Schools… We’re in Business

Published: March 28, 2019, noon

USATestprep moves forward with plans to expand in Chicago’s public schools as a CPS approved vendor.

Atlanta, GA - March 28, 2019- USATestprep, one of the nation’s leading providers of standards-aligned solutions for teacher and student success, is blowing into the Windy City in a big way. The company’s site-licensed online learning platform was recently approved by The Chicago Public Schools’ Department of Procurement as a CPS approved vendor, a precursor to being allowed to be used by teachers in Chicago’s public school system.

“Being a CPS approved vendor lets teachers and administrators know that our product has been vetted and shown to be of the highest quality,” stated Dr. Christine Jax, chief academic officer for USATestprep and former education commissioner for Minnesota. “Teachers have been asking for us, so we’re excited and ready to offer the full spectrum of our educational resources to all CPS schools.”

In addition to state standards-aligned test preparation for PARCC, ILS, and ISA, the company is known for being a valued, everyday resource for teachers in the classroom. “We joke about giving teachers back their Tuesday and Thursday nights, but it’s true,” said Jax. “Our teachers use us for assignments, quizzes, bell ringers, and more, saving them planning and grading time.”

Twenty-three year veteran high school English teacher Cary Wright uses the platform for one-on-ones. “I work with the student in an individual conference to give support to those weaknesses identified by the platform. Then they can do the work whenever they want to, which is fantastic,” he said. “Waiting for the bus, if they can’t sleep… it’s a huge timesaver for me. They’re doing the work, we’re both tracking it, and we’re both seeing results.”

According to a year-long independent study by an educational research firm, students who use USATestprep gain up to a full year’s growth in academic performance. The company has a strong presence throughout the Southeast and is rapidly expanding North.

Teachers and administrators are encouraged to explore the platform through a no-obligation 14-day trial. Free one-on-one guided demos are also available.

About USATestprep

USATestprep, LLC is the nation’s #1 teacher-trusted provider of curriculum resources and test prep for grades 3-12. Founded by two teachers in 1998, the company helps teachers prepare more than two million students annually for subject area end-of-grade, end-of-course, and college entrance assessments. The platform delivers standards-aligned content with daily tools for the creation of formative and summative assessments, progress monitoring, and customized remediation. Teachers using USATestprep are able to quickly identify student strengths and weakness for high-stakes testing in ELA, math, science and social studies. Visit www.usatestprep.com.