How to Master the STAAR Exams

Published: May 25, 2018, 12:19 p.m.

Texas schools assess student achievement starting in third grade with the STAAR program. The program wasDrawing at lesson implemented in 2012 to help assess student understanding. Early achievement can be a good indicator of later success. For that reason, helping your student improve their STAAR scores can put them on the road to college enrollment. The test assesses reading and mathematics for students in grades three through eight. For students grades four and seven, the STAAR tests writing. Science is implemented for students in grades five and eight. Eighth-graders take a social studies exam. There are also end-of-course tests for English I, English II, Algebra I, Biology, and U.S. history.

Improve STAAR Scores

There are a lot of ways you can help your student master the STAAR assessments, get more out of school, and prepare for higher education. Making your child’s education a priority can be the difference between not being accepted into college versus the Ivy League.

Teach Good Study Habits

Many students are unaware of how to properly study and concentrate. Starting at a young age can help your child understand the importance of self-discipline and priorities. Many young students find study calendars with rewards helpful. As they grow and become accustomed to self-scheduling and prioritization, study becomes easier.
  • Make studying a daily routine.
  • Create a cohesive study zone.
  • Learn how to make notes.
  • Employ sensory learning techniques.

Take Advantage of Online Learning Centers

Enrolling your students in online test prep courses can be an important way to develop their skills and improve STAAR scores. The valuable insight provided by courses developed with standards in mind can be the difference between success and failure for some children. Finding the right course will enable your student to prosper and learn unimpeded.

Engage in Outside Learning

Giving your child fun experiences which allow for experiential learning can help them explore the world around them. That exploration can help your student be more curious and attentive in future courses. Consider the benefits of summer courses, nature groups, Minecraft classes and other creative experiences. While children need structure, they also thrive on change. The expansion which new experiences give your child's mind is hard to measure. However, it is known that children learn better when they have fun, touch, feel, see and hear the world around them. Taking these few simple steps can help your children succeed on the STAAR exams and future courses. Remember that solid foundations help build constant behaviors. Give your children an example of good study habits to follow so they may study and succeed in school. Make learning fun to encourage exploration. Lastly, take advantage of online courses to help develop your child's skills and understanding.