MAY 2020 Platform Updates to Make Teachers' Lives Easier

Published: May 4, 2020, 7:31 p.m.

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Progress Report Student Dot Rank — View by Count

Based on feedback that teachers were counting how many green dots their students had (especially for those of you using the Green Dot Challenge), we added a “View by Count” option within the progress report. Now you can more quickly see if students have earned more green dots than the last time you checked the progress report.

This new view can be found in the class and admin progress reports — Student Dot Rank tab —> “View by Count” toggle. You can still see the traditional view of color-coded dots by standard, but you can conveniently switch to an overall count view to see how many grey, pink, orange, and green dots your students have. The number of dots will change depending on your filters (certain types of activities or a specific date range).

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Teachers Can Email Student Logins

As one of our top digital learning requests, you can now easily email students their login information (if students have an email address on file). No more having to screenshot password cards and manually email a student his login information. You’ll see which students have an email address on file and can choose to send an individual student his login information — or you can use the “Email Student Logins” link at the top of your Class Management page to send an email to all students (with an email on file) in that class.

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Students Can Now Retry Missed Items for Videos

This has been a top-requested feature, and we’re happy to announce it’s finally here! Students previously could not retry any questions they missed with a video assignment, but that setting is now available when you assign. Without seeing the correct answers, students will have the option to retry the questions they missed — immediately after submitting the video assignment. You’ll see the “Allow Students to Retry Missed Items” in step 3 when creating a 1 or 2+ activities assignment.

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