New Feature: Expanding Student Ability to Save Activities

Published: Jan. 15, 2021, 8:29 p.m.

We are expanding and making updates to the ability to save Student activities!

image 2.png

Students will now be able to save their work for all activities and tasks, including all practice activities. The updates are scheduled to launch at the end of January 2021, but we need your help as we make the transition. Saved activities located in the Student homepage under 'Complete a Saved Activity' must be completed by end of day Thursday, 1/28 if the student does not want to lose the progress that was saved. 


This will only remove the saved answers already selected by the student if not completed by the 28th. However, the student is still able to access the task and work on it from the beginning.

All activities saved after 1/30 will be preserved with new and improved functionality.

We appreciate your support to get this completed and look forward to the release of our expanded Student Save feature in the new year!