New Feature: Group Assignment Dates

Published: Jan. 11, 2017, 2:31 p.m.

    • In the past, teachers could select a different start or end date for assignments within a group assignment on USATestprep.
    • We are simplifying the Group Assignment interface:
      • Teachers will select one start date and one end date for the entire group.
      • The date picker tool is more user-friendly with a prettier calendar (updated for single assignments too).
      • We added a message next to the end date to remind reachers that assignments are available to students for 2 months afterwards.
    • If teachers prefer the old system of multiple assignment due dates, they can create multiple single assignments or break up group assignments into smaller chunks.
    • What’s the benefit? This change saves time when creating a group assignment and simplifies the interface quite a bit (no more date columns).  Also, the date picker calendar is more user-friendly.
    • What about existing group assignments? Nothing will be changed.  The exception is if a teacher adjusts the dates via the Settings modal (they will need to select one start date and one end date for everything), or if they click the Edit button to make changes to their assignment, they’ll have to select one start date and one end date for everything.
    • Existing group assignments will not be affected unless teachers: 
      • Edit the start or end date.
      • Add an additional assignment to the group.