One Indiana Teacher Increases Her Special Education Students' Confidence for ILearn Testing

Published: Aug. 29, 2019, 6:17 p.m.

A huge thank you to Brianne Cockrell from Andrew Brown Academy in Indiana for sharing how USATestprep is making a difference in the academic confidence level and performance of her special ed students for the Indiana ILearn! Way to go, Ms. Cockrell, and a big USATestprep academic high-five to all your students!

(Read the review on Brianne's blog.)

"So I have been using an amazing site helping my students to prepare for ILearn. As educators we all know how difficult that test was last school year because we did not know what to expect. Governor Holcomb has requested schools to not use the test scores due to low scores.

Let me tell you about my classroom. I teach in a special education self contained classroom with students who have high needs and emotional disabilities. We have difficulty completing everyday work if it is not engaging. We used USATestPrep to help us prepare for ILearn test and my students went into this exam with confidence. My students enjoyed playing the games and having battles with one another. They would complete work and practice skills without realizing they were doing work. They would receive points for completing assignments and would work hard to have higher number of points than their friends. This was a LIFESAVER!!!! I am going into this year of testing with confidence that my students are going to succeed on their test this school year.

They are offering a free 14 day trial right now! You will not be disappointed with this site!"