Last Spring, many subscribers requested that student email results from different activities be combined into a single daily email. Some teacher’s email boxes were getting too full with these automated results.

We are proud to announce the launch of this consolidated email feature.  Starting the evening of Friday, 9/26/08, you will receive a single, nightly email with all the accumulated student email results for that calendar day.  In addition, in case you want to view these results earlier in the day, we also added a page where you can view all the email results online. You will find this new feature at the top left of the teacher login page under Student Data. It is called Student Email Results.

We hope you find these new features helpful and easy to use. Feel free to let us know if you have any questions or comments.

Watch this movie to learn more.

As you are aware, the South Carolina Department of Education recently revised and approved a new set of course standards for the English I EOCEP. USATestprep has dedicated much time and energy over the past two months editing our content to ensure that our review is the best possible match to these new standards and indicators. As always, this updated review is provided at no extra expense to our current subscribers, and the old standards-based review is still available for those students retesting. We hope that these changes will allow your students to be well-prepared for their end-of-course exam in English I this year.

Today we launched our new 8th Grade Social Studies CRCT.  We are currently working hard on a 6th and 7th grade Social Studies CRCT as well. We always take our time to author test-specific review content from the ground up.

Contact us if you would like to add this to your current subscription.

Welcome Test Quest: The Crusade for Knowledge. To succeed in your quest, you must answer a series of questions, conquer different challenges, and level-up your awesome RPG character.

  • Your mission is to accumulate the maximum number of points.
  • You receive points for each question answered correctly.
  • But watch out – you lose points for each wrong answer!

The Georgia Department of Education recently released the content percentages for the Mathematics I End-of-Course Test. USATestprep has now updated our test review to make sure we directly match this released test composition.

Our Mathematics I online review is now complete. We have worked hard this summer to match the question content, difficulty level, and strand make-up to ensure that you and your students have the best possible review experience for this new EOCT.

Good luck this year with Mathematics I!

An administrator emailed a question about the teacher management system.  He asked me how to delete those teachers from the teacher admin system.  With his permission I made a movie explaining.  Click on the image to view the movie.  Thanks Michael for the great question!

I was doing a yahoo search on USATestprep and discovered this interesting question posted in YAHOO! answers. A student asked “How to cheat on usatestprep???”  Someone posted a fantastic response to the question. Here is a screen capture of the post.

As part of our commitment to constantly stay abreast of the modifications to state standards, we have launched a review product for the Mathematics I EOCT. We custom built this resource from the ground up to accurately match the Georgia Performance Standards.

All Georgia subscribers with a current Math subscription now have access to this product at no extra cost. For future renewals the price is $1250 for all subjects for one year and $2,250 for our two-year package. Pricing and subscription information is available at We look forward to another successful year of helping your students.

This summer our content authors worked very hard adding thousands of new questions to our database and proofing old questions. We made detailed content and test changes based on all state-specific changes. We work hard to ensure that all of our review products are custom to each state and test.

Dear Subscribers,

We have completed resetting and archiving stats in our database to make room for the new year.
Here is a quick list of what was changed:

  • Login Stats archived for students and teachers
  • Game High Score Boards cleared
  • Tests/Quizzes older than August 1, 2008 archived (still accessible by teachers)
  • Weekly Email Review accounts deleted (simply register again to regain this service)

Do not hesitate to call or email with any questions regarding your data.