WOW! In less than one week, we have received over 100 applications for only 2 Question Author Positions. Obviously, we have found MANY qualified candidates. At this time, we have to stop accepting applications to be able to go through them all. We appreciate all of you who submitted applications, and we will be getting back to the final candidates by phone or email by the end of the week.

picture-1.pngAccording to the Rome News-Tribune, Rome City Schools and Floyd County Schools are pleased with the gains made on their most recent Georgia High School Graduation Test (GHSGT). Four of the five high schools in this area are USATestprep subscribers. Rome High School saw major jumps in social studies, nine points to 93 this year from 84 in 2006, and science, which rose five points to 82 from 77. The statewide numbers in social studies went to 87 from 85 and rose in science to 74 from 72.

“I am just tickled to death and have nothing but praise for Dr. (Tygar) Evans,” Superintendent Gayland Cooper said of his principal at Rome High School after he reviewed the scores. “I’m just very excited and thrilled about the improvements in social studies and science. This shows administrators, teachers and students are working together to improve.”

When we contacted Dr. Evans, he stated that, “Yes, I am excited about the contributions that USATestPrep had on our preparation for the GHSGT this year at Rome High School. I feel our students used the information wisely and it had a positive impact”.

If you have had a positive experience with the site and your test scores have reflected this, please let us know We look forward to hearing from you.

Email ResultsMany teachers requested a means to track student use within our tutorial question system. With the new 5.0 version of the site, we listened and added this ability. Now, when a student completes a set of random, advanced, or beginner tutorial questions he/she is presented with an option to print a summary or email results to his/her teacher. The student is also presented with the option to retry missed questions/terms.

We also added this reporting feature to our game and vocabulary module.

AlabamaThe Alabama Department of Education has let us know that the new item specifications for the AHSGE Science test (which is now 100% Biology) will be released by the beginning of the 2007-2008 school year. However, they may preview these at the annual MEGA conference this summer. If any subscribers have a copy of these, please share them with us. This would allow us to have this new review ready for you and your students when you get back to school next year.

Diagnostic TestsOur diagnostic tests are the #1 resource on the site. Students receive a different test every time they take it and the results may be stored or sent via email to the teacher. They also provide instant feedback on missed questions and the weak and strong content areas of each student.

We decided we wanted to make our #1 feature even better!

New Features:
1) A student may take a test and then re-test missed questions. This feature was one requested by a student. The cumulative results page will show the student’s original test stats and combined stats based on their re-test performance.

2) Full html rendered versions of missed questions may now be viewed via email by the teacher. This is a huge visual improvement. Before teachers could see missed questions but not the images used in the question. Now they can see both.

3) Stored student test results now contain test stats AND missed questions. Before, the only way for a teacher to view missed questions was via a printout or email results.

4) Teachers may export and aggregate data of a class or multiple student tests to CSV or Excel format. Student data analysis has never been this easy or powerful!

Something new, something different – all based on your specific content area! USATestprep, in conjunction with WordForge, has developed interactive crossword puzzles and wordfind puzzles. Both of these games allow your students to connect key vocabulary words to their definition. In the crossword, students type in their terms based on a definition. In the wordfind, they highlight terms that apply to given definitions. It’s all online, interactive, based on your specific content areas, and a fun, new way to review.

We recently reset the high score boards. We discovered our game had some loop holes to allow players to cheat. Nobody likes that. We have made some edits to the game and cleared all the boards.

We have heard a lot of positive feedback on the games. Please contact us if you have any suggestions.

new_5.jpgThis past week we finally launched a brand new version of the site. You will notice a graphic design change as well as many other changes throughout the entire site. We are constantly adding new user suggested features. So please keep submitting your suggestions.

We will be posting detailed descriptions of these new features in future blog posts.

Also, if you find any bugs in the new system please tell us.

We are seeking audio testimonials from teachers that feel our site has helped their students. All you need is a microphone and computer to record your message. Click on the button below to send us a message.

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cross_wordpuzzles_200w.jpgYesterday, a South Carolina subscriber mentioned that the font for our crossword puzzle answer keys was too small. We are in the process of building new SC puzzles to correct this problem. It will be completed by the end of the day today.

If any other subscriber finds other problems with a USATestprep crossword, please contact us. We will address the problem within 24 hours.

A personal thanks to Mary O’Dell and Taminika Shadd!