Platform Updates: District Assessment Results and Student Practice Activities

Published: Feb. 4, 2021, 6:33 p.m.

We are pleased to roll out two updates to enhance the USATestprep experience for District users and for students.

Update #1: New District Assessment Results

The District Assessment results are getting additional information that will allow district admins to gather more student-specific details directly from the results screen rather than requiring a login to each school individually.

We have included a new tab called Student Details that includes a summary, by school, of the number of students assigned to the district assessment, the number of students that have completed the assessment (based on being assigned), the number of students still pending (based on being assigned), and the number of students who completed the assessment using the code (not assigned).


You will also be able to export details behind that summary down to the student level that includes student scores.

image 2.png

Update #2: Student Practice Activities

Students are getting an update to Practice Activities! USATestprep has added additional Save functionality that will now include all practice activities. Students will see the option to Save in the updated answer bar at the top of each screen. Once saved, students will have 30 days to complete the task before it is purged and the student will need to start from the beginning. This new feature will allow students to stop at any point, save and pick up where they left off eliminating the need to re-answer questions because they ran out of time.

image 3.png

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