No WiFi for Students? Try These Printable Resources Instead!

Published: May 21, 2020, 7:03 p.m.

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If you are a literature, math, special education, or any type of teacher at all, then having students learn from a distance without access to the right resources can be nothing short of challenging.

Summer is right around the corner, but the aftermath from distance learning and taking necessary measures for safety will continue to reside for the foreseeable future, especially next school year.

Want to learn how to assess learning gaps in the fall? Check out our Day One Diagnostics webinars.

The USATestprep platform is known for the flexibility it has to put control in the hands of the teachers as they decide when and how to use USATestprep to partner with their individual style of teaching. It’s also geared to reach each individual student’s needs and promote independent learning, in or outside of the classroom.


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(Screenshot of the Teacher Classroom Resources page)

🖨 Class Activities

  • Send your students a worksheet to fill out. If they have a cellular device, they can take a picture and send it back to you.

🗒 Flashcards

  • Create a flashcard set and print them out for your students to study and use for upcoming vocabulary quizzes.

📖 Vocabulary Worksheets

  • Select the terms you want your students to be practicing and create a worksheet and put in the packet you are printing for them.
  • If you are wanting to save the trees or make adaptations to the look of the worksheet, you can change the text size and term spacing.

🧩 Puzzles

  • Print our randomly-generated puzzles to send as a different activity for your students to complete. Note: If you want your students to be able to check their work, be sure to download and print the answer key for each puzzle.

📝 Assessments

  • With our assessment builder, you can choose our Pre-Built or Build Your Own options and all assessments have a print option. You can also change the answer layout, increase and decrease the text size, and adjust question spacing.

Other printable options available (which allow for text size adjustment):

  • Bell ringers 🔔
  • Performance Tasks/Free response ✏️

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