Quick Tips: Assignments not showing up?

Published: Sept. 29, 2011, 8:18 a.m.

Have you created an assignment but it is not showing up on your students' Home page? Here are some possible reasons why. - You'll want to make sure that the student is part of your class. Click on the Classes tab on your home page, then the  "+ View Students" link next to that class. If you do not see the student in that class, add them by clicking the green "Manage Class" button and following the appropriate steps to add a student.

- Verify the start date of the assignment. You can edit any assignment- that has not yet been started by any students- by clicking the orange "Edit" button from the assignments listed on the Assignments tab. Click the second step- "2 Choose Options"- and look at the Start Date. If that date has not yet occurred it will not show up on students' Assignment tab. They will only be able to see the assignment when that date is reached.

- Make sure you have chosen students in the third step of the assignment process. Again, choose the Edit option for an Assignment. Then, click the final step- "3 Select Students"- and verify that students have been added to that assignment.

As always, this topic and many others are covered in the  "How To" videos located on your teacher Home page. Lets us know if you have any additional questions!