Quick Tips: Badges

Published: April 12, 2012, 1:49 p.m.

Badges are a way to reward student activity and achievement on USATestprep. Some badges are assigned automatically by our system, but you can assign them to students, too. From your Teacher Home page, click the Badges tab. You can (1) look at the list of badges that our system automatically assigns to users, but you might want to (2) create your own badge, too. In the first step, enter a title (1) for the badge and (2) a brief description. Next, choose the icon (3) you want to show up on the student’s Home page. (For this example, we’ll use the four leaf clover.) Then, if you’d like a specific start/end date, (4) pick them from the pop-up calendar. Otherwise, you can just choose to have it Display Indefinitely. The last step is to assign the badge. You can give it to an entire class or a specific student. Then, when the student logs in… boom: a badge! We hope your students like this feature as much as we liked getting gold stars on our papers back… way back… in the olden days!