Quick Tips: Managing Classes

Published: Jan. 19, 2012, 8:46 a.m.

The Manage Class section on the Teacher Home Page contains some valuable tools you may want to utilize. To find it, just click on the Classes tab to display all classes you have already created. Then, choose the green Manage Class button on the right. You can then access a great amount of information about that class. You can 1) change the name of the class, 2) edit the test subjects associated with that class, 3) Add/Remove Students, 4) print out password cards for each student in that class, and 5) look at the Progress, Gradebook, Students, and Class Results associated with that class. The Progress tab allows you to see how that class is doing with the content they are required to master. You can choose the appropriate test subject, click "Go," and quickly see how the class is doing. Note that Progress statistics are solely based on specific activities such as Benchmark Tests, Objective Tests, and Full Test results, not practice activities or games. Clicking the ± symbol expands the standard to show progress in specific elements. The exclamation point shows areas in which the class might benefit from remediation. The Gradebook tab shows the Assignments and Benchmark tests completed by students. These results are clickable, sortable, and exportable, allowing you greater control of the data. The Students tab allows you to access to your students' login information. Clicking on a student's name… … will let you see information such as the student's account information, individual progress, the time the he/she has spent on site, and the results of all tasks they have completed. And then there is the Results tab. This, much like the Student Results tab on the Teacher Home Page, gives you access to everything your students have done on the site. These results are also sortable, exportable, and clickable. Click "View" to see detailed results of a student's performance on a specific assignment. All of these should allow you to keep tabs on the performance of your students in a complete and easy manner. As always, lets us know if you have any questions.