Why Is Teaching the Noblest Profession?

Published: June 17, 2020, 3:40 p.m.

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The Impact of Teachers

When it comes to building a society, teachers play an adamant role in nurturing young and aspiring minds. We all need a purpose early in our life, however, if we deviate from a resolute path than the majority of us can go astray and lose track of ourselves. There is a Japanese saying that states “The real king of the world are the young generation.” This just goes to show that today’s youth will become the leaders of tomorrow. On average, a teacher may affect the lives of as many as 3000 students during their career. In the same study, 54% of students proclaimed that they received help from a teacher during a difficult time in their lives.

Furthermore, 75% of students stated that they looked up to teachers as mentors and role models. In fact, 79% of students said that their teachers encouraged them to follow their dreams. All of this simply shows how endearing and enduring is the impact of teachers on young children and those who seek to make bright futures ahead of themselves. Let’s take a quick look at some of the reasons as to why teaching is regarded as one of the noblest professions.

Reasons That Make Teaching the Noblest of Professions

Imparting Knowledge

Knowledge is undoubtedly powerful, and many teachers out there often offer assistance to develop long-lasting skills that can help throughout your entire life. However, if one considers this as easier said than done, then you are indeed sadly mistaken. To have knowledge is something else; however, to impart it onto others is a totally different level. You need to appease the other person and help them in answering all of the question and queries that arise. In order to make them understand just how a piece of knowledge work, a consistent effort is required so that young minds are able to acquire it in an appropriate manner and able to retain that information. This process continues until the child is not only able to grasp the entire concept behind it but is also able to use that knowledge by applying it to resolve a real-life problem.

Imbuing Hope

Not everyone is born with a silver spoon in their mouth. We are all unique individuals in our own right and have our own ambitions and inhibitions. However, regardless of where we come from, we do share the pursuit of being happy in our lives. Nevertheless, teachers are responsible for a crucial task, and that is to imbue young minds with hope. Without instilling hope or robbing children of it, would make them grown into unaffectionate and cold human beings who can become downright cynical in the later period of their lives. Teachers thus share important stories and incidents that instill hope in the hearts and minds of the young generation to exceed expectations and do better than their predecessors. And because of this, the world progresses forward and moves ahead.

Teaching Morals & Values

There are certain principals and standards in life that we must all follow. Teachers can provide students with insightful messaging that relay and embed morals and values in them. These ethics then guide their actions later in life and thus allow them to become a benefactor for the society around them. Without a conscience, one would simply live a haphazard life where nothing really matters. Teachers discipline the students as such by informing them about why punctuality is important in their lives. Why being honest and not dishonesty is the right way to go about when forming life missions. Their actions speak louder than words, and that one should be considerate about others and feel compassionate towards those facing a hard time in their lives.

Building Character

Without trust, no one can be truly deemed as a credible person. Teachers promote morals and values in students so as to build their character. The students in return work to build upon their integrity and find out about the significance behind keeping their promises and not going against their word. Imagine a world no one speaks the truth and not a single soul on the planet can be labeled as trustworthy. Such a world would be in a constant state of chaos and mayhem where each and everyone out there will simply do their best to undo the work of others. Such a world would surely fall and collapse with the slightest gust of wind like a house made of playing cards.

Educating the Difference b/w Right & Wrong

There is always another way to do things. However, a teacher can enlighten the students about the difference between what is wrong and what is right. This could entail a lot of actions that one commits in their life, including the proper use of tools and utensils. Without a clear distinction between the two, all of the actions we commit can become inseparable, and the overall legal framework that governs our world would lose its meaning. If students are taught to differentiate between what is right and what is wrong in an early stage of their lives, they will slowly and gradually build upon this given logic. Hence eventually, during a difficult time in their lives, this knowledge will eventually help them to make the right decisions.

Encouraging Effort

It is not always about winning and losing, which is why many parents and students need to realize before they start blaming the other party for their shortcomings. Teachers encourage the effort a student makes because this allows them to participate in an event or even sport just to give their best shot at it. This is exactly which everyone should promulgate as well. There will always be winners and losers in life. However, students need to understand that the only way they can lose is when they give up the good fight. It is not over until you truly believe it to be over. Hence as parent and guardian both we should support our young ones even when they fail as each failure teaches them an important lesson that makes them a better person every step of the way.

Nurturing Self-Confidence

A lot can be said about how a lack of self-confidence can affect and leave a negative impact on a student’s life. With proper self-esteem, children seem to give up the will to succeed or even try to give something a try. No one wants that to happen. We believe that every individual is gifted in their own particular way. It is the job of the teacher to bring out these latent aptitudes and talents hidden in each child so that they can truly show the world just how magnificent they all can be at the best of their abilities. Lack of self-confidence leads to the person rejecting themselves to be a part of the bigger picture, and this can adversely affect the progress of the entire world if such a behavior is left out of control and unmonitored.

Fostering Team Spirit

Working with others and through others is important, that is if we wish to survive. Not only do students need to showcase leadership skills when the time calls for it, but they should also be extremely good team players. There is strength in numbers, and together with complete harmony and unity, we can achieve great things in our lives. In fact, many big names in the industry, corporations, and organizations seek out bright young talent that can join their teams and lead the way. The more cohesively we act in a given situation, the better the results we achieve in the end. Teachers help in building these important skills at an early age.

Cultivating Love & Friendship

The future of the world does not lie in conflicts but coming together as a nation, as a community, or as a local group to stand up for what is right. We need to cooperate and learn to co-exist with others. Prejudice, racism, and harboring hate for others simply based on their skin color, gender, and ethnicity would only lead to clashes and skirmishes that will harm us more than ever. Teachers are often looked upon as candle bearers for the next generation. Light from them ignites the hearts of the young and illuminate them, thus empowering them to shine and lit the way for others to follow.

Motivating Constructive Behavior

If all we learn to do is criticize others instead of solving actual problems, then the world would surely come to a standstill. Complaining doesn’t resolve anything and if you really want to make a difference in this world than you can do so being proactive than reactive. It would help if you thought before you act and comprehend the situation at hand to devise a way out of bottlenecks. Many teachers today help students build problem-solving skills by continuously challenging their wits with puzzles and quiz examinations. This is done just to see how well students are able to adapt to different conditions and circumstances.


Teaching the new generation may sound more manageable, but it is, in fact, considered as the most effort consuming profession of all time. Teachers have a hard time getting through their days even with all of the technology at their disposal as they simply cannot become complacent just for their own sake and comfort. They have to maintain high standards for the benefit of their students. In fact, even a student passes their threshold of expectations; teachers simply push their students to achieve even greater things in life. Learning is a never-ending process, and truly without teachers, our young and upcoming generations would find themselves in a much darker place.

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