Tips & Tricks: February 2016

Published: Feb. 28, 2016, 10:58 a.m.

Here are some new features and tips to help you get more from USATestprep: Recently-added features:
  • Raw score ("Total Correct" column) added to your benchmark results Excel export.
  • Graphs to track monthly progress by standards and individual students --> You can even save, print, and annotate if needed.
Tips of the month:
  • Need to adjust the due date or add a student to an assignment? Make changes to existing assignments without duplicating them by using the Options menu --> Settings.
  • Can't see a shared benchmark? Double check that you have your classes associated with that subject area. Go to your Classes tab --> gear icon on the far right --> "Edit Class" button. Add necessary subject(s) in step 1 and save in step 2.
  • Want to instantly create assignments for students to target their weaknesses? Automatically create assignments for students in their three weakest areas from your benchmark results --> Student Dot Rank section. You can then view these assignments within your Assignments tab --> "View Suggested Practice."
  • Need assistance with anything? Use the Feedback & Contact button located at the bottom of every page to ask questions --> let us help you more quickly! When appropriate, please provide the name of the assignment or benchmark, student, class, etc.
Hope you have had a smooth February! The USATestprep Team