USATestprep Announces Release of PSAT Prep Test

Published: July 12, 2019, 2:09 p.m.

You asked, we listened! USATestprep is happy to announce the release of our PSAT National Merit Scholarship qualifying test prep--the best true measure of actual performance available on the market.

Highlights of the USATestprep PSAT

  • Thousands of vocabulary items, performance tasks, and instructional videos
  • 30 pre-built summative assessment tests available upon subscription
  • Student-led remediation allows for independent study in and outside school hours
  • Create custom exams with 10,000+ practice questions
  • Scaled scoring delivers results in PSAT format
  • Optional timed/untimed practice


Mirrors Content of Actual PSAT

Our test prep gives your students an actual PSAT score for full-length assessments. From day one, students will familiarize themselves with questions that mirror the content and format of the actual PSAT, while teachers receive data to help improve student performance.

Sample Data

Below are examples of the types of PSAT test prep data and results you’ll have access to from our platform:

View PSAT Test Scores for Individual Students

USATestprep PSAT Sample Data Student Results

View PSAT Results by Class

USATestprep PSAT Sample Data Class Results

Select a PSAT Practice Area

USATestprep PSAT Sample Data Screen

National Test Preparation

In addition to PSAT, we also offer a comprehensive suite of national test preparation, from AP and ACT WorkKeys to PARCC and NGSS.

You are welcome to explore our complete platform and assessment and curriculum offerings with a no-obligation free 14-day trial. We also offer complimentary 20-minute guided online tours to more specifically address questions related to your school or district’s specific needs. Contact us if you'd like to schedule a demo.