USATestprep Resources: Helping to Break the Cycle of Poverty

Published: Aug. 7, 2019, 2:07 p.m.

We’re inspired every day by the teachers and students who use our platform. But we were especially moved when we recently learned of a homeless shelter in Orlando, Florida that brought in USATestprep to provide GED training to their clientele.

The Total Restoration Transformation Center, Inc. was founded in 2002 by Executive Director Bridgett Davis. TRTC helps return homeless individuals to productive and independent lives through supplying basic needs such as meals, hygiene items, and clothing, as well as offering programs and workshops to assist in securing permanent housing and employment.

We caught up with Ms. Davis to ask her about the USATestprep GED training program, launching in late August.

USATP: Your center has been around since 2002, but this is the first GED program you’ve offered. What was the impetus for hosting the program?

Ms. Davis: Education has always been a part of our mission. It’s one of the lifeskills you have to have to pull yourself out of poverty. We’ve been pushing harder on education in the last couple of years, especially with our reading camp for kids. But the reason this came together is that our community center, which used to offer GED classes, no longer does. So there’s an urgent need for it in the community.

USATP: How did you select USATestprep as the platform you wanted to use?

Ms. Davis: Honestly, it was a friend of a friend of a friend type of thing. It came back to me that a school teacher who works for the school board recommended USATestprep and I thought, “If Orange County says it works for them, that’s good enough for me.” So I checked it out and what sold me is that students can work independently, but the program helps guide them and keep them on track and motivated.

USATP: And for the students you’ll be serving--are they primarily adults or…?

Ms. Davis: Yes, primarily adults. We’re already getting calls for the class and we haven’t even advertised it yet. I expect to launch with at least 25 people starting out.

USATP: And what are your hopes for the program?

Ms. Davis: That everyone graduates! But the other piece to this puzzle is that the community center offers a self-sufficiency program with vocational training. So we’d like to hit them holistically and tie it all together - finish their GED and then go into job training.

USATP: Will the students work independently or will there be class time available?

Ms. Davis: We’ll always have a tutor here and will encourage students to come onsite. We have retired teachers who volunteer and I’m hoping all of us will go through the USATestprep training that’s been offered to us.

USATP: Everyone here is a fan and pulling for your students! Best of luck and we’ll be tracking your success.

Ms. Davis: I’m excited to get started. Thank you.

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