7 Benefits to a Mid-Year Implementation of USATestprep

Published: Dec. 9, 2019, 7:55 p.m.


You're halfway through the school year! Now is an ideal time to make plans that help your students finish the year strong. Here are seven advantages to starting USATestprep now.

1. Help your teachers and schools:

We have a history of helping struggling schools. Our simple, web-based learning tools adapt to every classroom to help teachers immediately start to narrow student performance gaps.

2. Take advantage of the winter break:

We’ve seen great success with individual schools and school districts implementing over the winter break when teachers aren’t juggling daily needs in the classroom.

3. Start the new year with fresh classroom activities:

The easiest place to start is to use our standards-aligned resources to set up bell ringers, questions out the door, and collaborative games and activities designed to engage students right away.

4. Hit the accelerator on student achievement:

Provide a mid-year boost that can help identify student weaknesses now with time to bridge achievement gaps before the end of the school year.

5. Prepare teachers for spring testing:

We offer free training so that teachers can jump into assessments and remediation to get students fully prepared for end-of-year tests.

6. Re-energize students and teachers:

See how USTP can quickly make a difference in student scores/performance/classroom learning. 

7. Lay the groundwork for school year 2020:

We can identify your teachers who are power users and work with them to lead a summer training session so that ALL of your teachers go into the next school year with the tools and case studies they need to help students succeed.

Want to learn more?

To receive a free trial, visit www.usatestprep.com. For questions or to receive a quote feel free to call 877-377-9537 ext. 8005 or email us info@usatestprep.com