USATestprep Platform Updates: Winter 2020

Published: Feb. 17, 2020, 5:28 p.m.


We heard you! 🗣👂Thanks to your response to last year’s poll, we now have DOK levels visible for all questions. We've also updated our bell ringer options and the look of the student and teacher resources pages. #WeListen

Teachers Can Now Remove Saved Bell Ringer Questions

Towards the beginning of this school year, you could begin saving 🔔 Bell Ringer questions to reuse them for other class periods, future lessons, etc.  By now, we imagine your saved Bell Ringer list has gotten quite lengthy.  If you need to remove a saved Bell Ringer question, go to the question from your saved list and click on the pink X in the bottom right corner of the question.

bell ringer.png

Assessment Builder Changes

Last fall, we conducted a poll about our assessment builder asking what changes you’d like to see.  We are happy to announce that two of those changes are now live when building an assessment in custom mode!  First, you can see the DOK level for each question without having to click on the question or hover over the stats icon.  Second, we’ve expanded how much of the question stem is visible.  You can now see two lines of the question compared to only one line.  We hope these simple changes will help you find the questions you want more quickly. And stay tuned because more changes are on the way.🥳

dok level.png

New Look for the Teacher and Student Resources Pages

We have all the 😍 heart eyes for the updated look of the teacher and student resources pages!

teacher resources.png

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