Become a USATestprep Brand Ambassador

Are you a teacher who successfully uses USATestprep in the classroom? If so, join our team! We’re looking for avid users of our platform to participate in new product launches, campaigns, surveys, onsite trainings, and more.

Who is a USATestprep Brand Ambassador?

First Ambassadors of USATestprep

A USATestprep Brand Ambassador is someone who has experienced great results from using the USATP platform and wants to share that success with others. Dedicated to the success of their students, these superstar educators are always looking for ways to share their knowledge of USATestprep and how it can benefit their fellow educators.

Our brand ambassadors play an integral role in our success. They are available as referrals, assist with training workshops, post tips and tricks, provide feedback on new initiatives, and are often the first to preview new product launches or platform upgrades. 

"USATestprep has impacted my classroom more than any other program or website I’ve used in my 6 years of teaching."

- Corey Phillips, Brand Ambassador, Lakeview Middle School

But wait, what's in it for me?

We're glad you asked--we're all about showing our brand ambassadors some USATestprep love! Here's a sample of what to expect:

  • Welcome package with swag (We can’t say what...TOP SECRET.)
  • Referral discounts - Earn rewards for new teacher and new rooftop recruitment.
  • Recognition - Let us celebrate you! We offer social media badges, a profile of you and your school on our blog, a letter sent to your supervisor explaining why you were selected as an ambassador, and more!
  • Resources - USATestprep provides our brand ambassadors with shareable content on an ongoing basis.
  • Travel - For events/conferences where it makes sense for a brand ambassador to attend, we will look to cover registration fees, travel to and from the event, and a stipend for time spent away from work.
  • Preview of campaigns/rebranding/product launches - Who knows what teachers want better than you? Tell us what you think!
  • Surprise perks - Additional discounts or rewards for activities such as blogging, event participation, etc.
  • Networking - Exclusive access to our private Facebook Brand Ambassador page and more.

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Are you a USATestprep pro? Join the team! We would love to have you as an ambassador.

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Learn How Adrienne Increased Her EOC Scores by 32% in One Year!

A little bit about Adrienne: Adrienne Petit is a passionate educator who is determined to yield her time and energy for the betterment of students. Her education career began as a Biology Pre-Medicine major at Paine College where she discovered her passion to teach. This experience led her down the path of the Teacher Alternative Preparation Program to a lifetime opportunity of teaching and inspiring students. She began teaching at the Jane Fonda G-CAPP foundation as a Science Teacher for “at-risk” youth. This opportunity was a truly defining moment in her teaching career as this population of students faced many personal and educational challenges. Determined not to view them as “at-risk” but rather as “at-promise”, Adrienne solidified her commitment to meet them where they were and help them get to where they wanted to go. Adrienne has taught in both traditional and alternative education settings. She spent over six years as a teacher and instructional coach for an alternative school where she had the opportunity to write an induction curriculum for new teachers, and train staff on Crisis Prevention Intervention and Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports.

Adrienne is currently the Science Department Chair at New Manchester High School. She sponsors the National BETA Club and is a site team member for the A.V.I.D. program. As Adrienne completes her tenth year of teaching she is all the more driven by student success and achievement. Her goal is that 100% of her students have a positive outcome while enjoying a relevant and rigorous learning experience.

Adrienne Petit with GDC Wall

Adrienne's USATestprep testimony: “I recently had 100% pass rate for Physical Science EOC. Through the use of USATestPrep and other instructional strategies my students were successful.”

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