California Physics EOC (CASCS) Practice

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Motion and Forces20%
Conservation of Energy and Momentum20%
Heat and Thermodynamics15%
Electric and Magnetic Phenomena18%
Investigation and Experimentation10%
  • Questions: 1,318
  • Two-Part Items: 11
  • Vocabulary Terms: 341
  • Performance Tasks: 129
  • Instructional Videos: 74

Test Standards

Motion and Forces
1. (1.a.)  Constant & Average Speed
2. (1.b.)  Forces Are Balanced
3. (1.c.)  Apply F=ma Law
4. (1.d.)  Newtons Third Law
5. (1.e.)  Universal Law Of Gravitation
6. (1.f.)  Perpendicular Object
7. (1.g.)  Circular Motion
Conservation of Energy and Momentum
1. (2.a. )  Calculate Kinetic Energy
2. (2.b.)  Gravitational Potential Energy
3. (2.c.)  Conservation Of Energy Problems
4. (2.d.)  Calculate Momentum
5. (2.e.)  Separately Conserved
6. (2.f. )  Unbalanced Force
7. (2.g.)  Elastic & Inelastic Collisions
Heat and Thermodynamics
1. (3.a.)  Heat Flow & Work
2. (3.b.)  Heat Engine Work
3. (3.c.)  Energy Of Random Motion
4. (3.d.)  Processes Decrease
5. (3.e.)  Entropy Is A Quantity
1. (4.a)  Waves Carry Energy
2. (4.b.)  Transverse & Longitudinal Waves
3. (4.c.)  Solve Problems
4. (4.d.)  Sound Is A Longitudinal Wave
5. (4.e.)  Different Wavelength Bands
6. (4.f.)  Wave Characteristics
Electric and Magnetic Phenomena
1. (5.a.)  Predict Voltage
2. (5.b.)  Ohmís Law
3. (5.c.)  Resistive Element
4. (5.d.)  Transistors Properties
5. (5.e.)  Charged Particles
6. (5.f.)  Magnetic Fields
7. (5.g.)  Magnetic Field Direction
8. (5.h.)  Changing Magnetic Fields
9. (5.i.)  Plasmas Contain Ions
Investigation and Experimentation
1. (11.a.)  Appropriate Tools
2. (11.b.)  Unavoidable Experimental Error
3. (11.c.)  Inconsistent Results
4. (11.d.)  Formulate Explanations
5. (11.e.)  Solve Scientific Problems
6. (11.f.)  Hypothesis Vs Theory
7. (11.g.)  Models & Theories
8. (11.h.)  Topographic & Geologic Maps
9. (11.i.)  Locations, Sequences, Or Time Intervals
10. (11.j)  Statistical Variability Issues
11. (11.k.)  Scientific Evidence
12. (11.l.)  Analyze Situations
13. (11.m.)  Science-based Societal Issue
14. (11.n.)  Mistaken Or Fraudulent Observation