California World History EOC (CASCS) Practice

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Development of Modern Political Thought22%
Industrial Expansion and Imperialism16%
Causes and Effects of the First World War24%
Causes and Effects of the Second World War22%
International Developments in the Post–World War II Era16%
  • Questions: 1,050
  • Two-Part Items: 5
  • Vocabulary Terms: 426
  • Performance Tasks: 79
  • Instructional Videos: 99

Test Standards

Development of Modern Political Thought
1. (WH10.1.1)  Judeo-Christian & Greco-Roman Views
2. (WH10.1.2)  Western Political Ideas
3. (WH10.1.3)  U.S. Political Influence
4. (WH10.2.1)  Major Philosophers
5. (WH10.2.2)  Major Governing Documents
6. (WH10.2.3)  The American Revolution
7. (WH10.2.4)  The French Revolution
8. (WH10.2.5)  Post-Napoleonic Europe
Industrial Expansion and Imperialism
1. (WH10.3.1)  England Industrializes
2. (WH10.3.2)  Inventions & Changes
3. (WH10.3.3)  Population Growth & Change
4. (WH10.3.4)  Workers & Labor
5. (WH10.3.5)  The Industrial Economy
6. (WH10.3.6)  Capitalism & Alternatives
7. (WH10.3.7)  The Romantic Era
8. (WH10.4.1)  Industrialism & Imperialism
9. (WH10.4.2)  Imperialism's Locations
10. (WH10.4.3)  Imperialism: Perspectives
11. (WH10.4.4)  Imperialism: Resistance
Causes and Effects of the First World War
1. (WH10.5.1)  Causes Of The Great War
2. (WH10.5.2)  Waging World War I
3. (WH10.5.3)  Russia & The U.S. In World War I
4. (WH10.5.4)  The Cost Of World War I
5. (WH10.5.5)  Attrocities Of World War I
6. (WH10.6.1)  Ending World War I
7. (WH10.6.2)  Effects Of World War I
8. (WH10.6.3)  Post-War Disillusion
9. (WH10.6.4)  Art After World War I
Causes and Effects of the Second World War
1. (WH10.7.1)  The Russian Revolution
2. (WH10.7.2)  Stalin's Russia
3. (WH10.7.3)  Rise Of Totalitarian Regimes
4. (WH10.8.1)  Expanding Empires
5. (WH10.8.2)  Appeasement
6. (WH10.8.3)  Waging World War II
7. (WH10.8.4)  Leaders In World War II
8. (WH10.8.5)  The Holocaust
9. (WH10.8.6)  Human Cost Of World War II
International Developments in the Post–World War II Era
1. (WH10.9.1)  Post-War Power Shifts
2. (WH10.9.2)  The Cold War Begins
3. (WH10.9.3)  Early U.S. Cold War Policy
4. (WH10.9.4)  Communist China
5. (WH10.9.5)  Resistance To Communism
6. (WH10.9.6)  Post-War Middle East
7. (WH10.9.7)  Collapse Of The Soviet Union
8. (WH10.9.8)  Cold War Organizations
9. (WH10.10.1)  Contemporary Challenges
10. (WH10.10.2)  Recent Developments
11. (WH10.10.3)  Political Trends