Help Your Students Pass the US Citizenship Exam

USCIS-aligned practice exams for the national civics test.

Prepare your students for the US Citizenship exam/Naturalization test with our practice civics questions and tests. Our practice items align with the actual civics questions your students will see on the citizenship test.

Our US Citizenship practice exams contain questions on American History, American Government, and Integrated Civics. These questions are aligned with the following areas:

  • Principles of American Democracy
  • Rights and Responsibilities
  • System of Government
  • Colonial Period and Independence
  • 1800s
  • Recent American History and Other Important Historical Information
  • Geography
  • Holidays
  • Symbols

Your students can:

  • Work on personalized assignments that address individual weaknesses
  • Benefit from instructional videos, engaging games, and technology-enhanced performance tasks
  • Complete assignments anywhere and anytime
  • Receive instant feedback on completed tests and quizzes

Teachers can:

  • Quickly build custom quizzes and practice tests for remedial learning
  • Deliver relevant, quality instruction and assessments for any student level
  • Create learning pathways that mesh with individualized learning and diagnostic assessments
  • Save hours grading homework with our auto-graded assignments
  • Measure both student and class progress with performance reports

Administrators can:

  • Ensure consistent instruction and assessment for all students
  • Develop summative and formative assessments at the school or district level
  • Improve student performance on the US Citizenship exam and other high-stakes tests
  • Run detailed reports on grade distribution for groups, performance grids by student or class, questions missed, and more