Colorado Reading and Writing Grade 10 (CAS) Practice

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Speaking and Listening20%
Reading for All Purposes25%
Writing and Composition30%
Research and Reasoning25%
  • Questions: 5,016
  • Technology Enhanced Items: 336
  • Instructional Videos: 136
  • Vocabulary Terms: 295

Test Standards

Speaking and Listening
1. (1.a)  Present Information
2. (1.b)  Select Structures
3. (1.c)  Credibility And Appeal
4. (2.b)  POV, Reasoning, Evidence
Reading for All Purposes
1. (1.a)  Cite Evidence
2. (1.b)  Word Meanings
3. (1.d)  Similar Topics And Problems
4. (1.e)  Relate To Source
5. (1.f)  Literary Components
6. (1.g)  Style And Effect
7. (2.a)  Textual Evidence
8. (2.b)  Provide A Response
9. (2.d)  Compare Texts
10. (2.e)  Word Meanings
11. (2.f)  Analyze Documents
12. (3.a.i)  Context Clues
13. (3.a.ii)  Word Changes
14. (3.a.iii)  Consult References
15. (3.b.i)  Euphemism
16. (3.b.ii)  Nuances
Writing and Composition
1. (1.a.i)  Use Techniques
2. (W.9-10.1a)  Precise Claims
3. (1.a.ii)  Vivid Picture
4. (W.9-10.1b)  Develop Claims
5. (1.a.iii)  Conclusion
6. (W.9-10.1c)  Link Sections
7. (1.b)  Stylistic Devices
8. (W.9-10.1e)  Concluding Statement
9. (2.a.i)  Introduce Topic
10. (2.a.ii)  Develop Topic
11. (2.a.iii)  Choose Appeal
12. (2.a.iv)  Collect, Organize, Evaluate
13. (2.a.v)  Use Transitions
14. (  Language And Vocab
15. (2.a.vii)  Objective Tone
16. (W.9-10.3c)  Sequence Events
17. (2.a.viii)  Concluding Statement
18. (2.a.ix)  Revise Writing
19. (2.a.x)  Organization And Details
20. (3.a.i)  Parallel Structure
21. (3.a.ii)  Active And Passive Voice
22. (3.a.iii)  Phrases And Clauses
23. (3.b.i)  Semicolon
24. (3.b.ii)  Colon
Research and Reasoning
1. (1.a)  Research
2. (1.b)  Print And Digital Sources
3. (1.c)  Research Questions
4. (1.d)  Sources
5. (1.e)  Types Of Evidence
6. (1.f)  Citations
7. (2.a)  Logic And Evidence
8. (2.b)  Accuracy