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5th Grade Math (CAS) Practice

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  • Questions 1,219
  • Vocabulary Terms 68
  • Performance Tasks 74
  • Instructional Videos 28

Test Standards

  1. (5.OA.1) Grouping symbols
  2. (5.NBT.1) Place value pattern
  3. (5.MD.1) Convert
  4. (5.NF.1) Add/subtract fractions
  5. (5.OA.2) Write expressions
  6. (5.NBT.2) Powers of 10
  7. (5.NF.2) Fraction word problems
  8. (5.NBT.3ab) Decimals
  9. (5.NF.3) Interpret fraction division
  10. (5.NBT.4) Round decimals
  11. (5.NF.4a) Interpret product
  12. (5.NF.4b) Areas with fractions
  13. (5.NF.5ab) Multiplication as scaling
  14. (5.NF.6) Real world problems
  15. (5.NF.7ab) Fraction/whole number division
  16. (5.NF.7c) Real world problems
  1. (5.OA.3) Generate patterns
  1. (5.MD.2) Line plot
  1. (5.G.1) Coordinate system
  2. (5.G.2) Real world first quadrant
  3. (5.G.3) Categories of figures
  4. (5.MD.4) Measure volumes
  5. (5.G.4) Classify figures
  6. (5.MD.5ab) Volume and operations
  7. (5.MD.5c) Volume as additive

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