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Civics (prior version) Practice

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  • Questions 622
  • Vocabulary Terms 187
  • Performance Tasks 48
  • Instructional Videos 61

Test Standards

  1. (1.a) Engaging in Civic Activities
  2. (1.b) Shaping Policy
  3. (1.c) Influencing Government
  4. (1.d) Levels of Government
  5. (1.e) Critiquing Sources
  1. (2.a) Origins & Purposes of Government
  2. (2.b) Members of Government
  3. (2.c) Principles of Democracy
  4. (2.d) Founding Documents
  5. (2.e) Literacy Skills
  6. (2.f) Court Decisions & Debates
  7. (2.g) The Justice System
  1. (3.a) Local Issues
  2. (3.b) State Issues
  3. (3.c) Monitoring Public Policy
  4. (3.d) Foreign Policy
  5. (3.e) International Diplomacy
  6. (3.f) Systems of Government

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