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Life Science (CAS) Practice

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  • Questions 1,950
  • Vocabulary Terms 257
  • Performance Tasks 171
  • Instructional Videos 74

Test Standards

  1. (5.1.a) Structure of DNA
  2. (5.1.b) Interacting Systems
  3. (5.1.c) Homeostasis
  1. (5.2.a) Mitosis
  1. (5.3.a) Photosynthesis
  2. (5.3.b) Organic Compounds
  3. (5.3.c) Cellular Respiration
  1. (6.4.a) Carrying Capacity
  2. (6.4.b) Population and Biodiversity
  1. (6.5.a) Cycling of Matter
  2. (6.5.b) Conservation of Matter and Energy
  3. (6.5.c) Carbon Cycle
  1. (6.7.a) Group Behavior
  1. (6.6.a) Ecosystems
  2. (6.6.b) Human Impact
  1. (7.8.a) Heredity
  1. (8.9.a) Distribution of Traits
  2. (8.9.b) Genetic Variations
  1. (8.10.a) Biological Evolution
  1. (8.11.a) Mechanisms of Evolution
  2. (8.11.b) Natural Selection
  1. (8.12.a) Adaptation
  2. (8.12.b) Changes in the Environment
  1. (8.13.a) Human Impact on Biodiversity

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