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Physical Science (CAS) Practice

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  • Questions 1,386
  • Vocabulary Terms 177
  • Performance Tasks 117
  • Instructional Videos 57

Test Standards

  1. (1.1.a) Periodic Table
  2. (1.1.b) Electrical Forces Between Particles
  1. (1.2.a) Chemical Reactions
  2. (1.2.b) Energy in Chemical Reactions
  3. (1.2.c) Reaction Rates
  4. (1.2.d) Equilibrium
  5. (1.2.e) Conservation of Atoms and Mass
  1. (1.3.a) Nuclear Chemistry
  1. (2.4.a) Newton's Second Law of Motion
  2. (2.4.b) Momentum
  3. (2.4.c) Collisions
  1. (2.5.a) Gravitational and Electrostatic Forces
  2. (2.5.b) Electric Currents and Magnetic Fields
  3. (2.5.c) Designed Materials
  1. (3.6.a) Energy Flow
  2. (3.6.b) Energy at the Macroscopic Scale
  3. (3.6.c) Energy Conversions
  1. (3.7.b) Second Law of Thermodynamics
  1. (3.8.a) Forces Between Objects
  1. (3.9.a) Waves
  2. (3.9.b) Digital Transmission and Storage
  1. (4.11.a) Electromagnetic Radiation
  2. (4.11.b) Photons
  3. (4.11.c) Technological Devices Using Waves

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