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US History (CAS) Practice

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  • Vocabulary Terms 364
  • Performance Tasks 147
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Test Standards

  1. (2.2.a &.f) Reconstruction
  2. (2.2.g) Rights & Resistance
  3. (2.2.b) Ending Reconstruction
  4. (2.2.a,.c,&.e) The Industrial Era
  5. (2.2.a,.d,&.f) The End of the Frontier
  6. (2.2.c&d) Late-19th Century Immigration & Labor
  7. (2.2.a&.e) The Transcontinental Railroad
  8. (2.2.a&.g) Progressive Era Muckrakers & Reformers
  9. (2.2.c&d) The Early Jim Crow Era
  10. (2.2.a,.f,&.g) Progressive Legislation
  11. (2.2.b,.f,&.g) The Spanish-American War
  12. (2.2.a &.f) U.S. & Imperialism
  1. (2.2.a&.b) World War I: Neutrality to War
  2. (2.2.c,.f,&.g) World War I: The Homefront
  3. (2.2.c&.f) Wilson's Peace Plan
  4. (2.2.c,.d,&.f) The First Red Scare
  5. (2.2.a,.d,&.f) Post-War Amendments
  6. (2.2.a,.b,&.e) Mass Production
  7. (2.2.d&.e) Post-War Culture
  1. (2.2.b&.f) The Great Depression: Causes
  2. (2.2.a,.b,.f,&.g) The New Deal
  3. (2.2.a.&.b) World War II: Causes
  4. (2.2.c&.g) World War II: The Pacific
  5. (2.2.c&.g) World War II: Europe
  6. (2.2.d&g) World War II: The Home Front
  1. (2.2.a,.b,&.g) The Early Cold War
  2. (2.2.a,.d,&.g) Post-War Changes
  3. (2.2.c&.g) Cuba & Vietnam
  4. (2.2.f.&.g) LBJ's Great Society
  5. (2.2.a&.e) New Technologies
  6. (2.2.a,.d,&.f) The Civil Rights Movement
  7. (2.2.d&.g) 1968
  8. (2.2.f&.g) 1970s Foreign Policy
  9. (2.2.a,.f,&.g) 1970s Domestic Policy
  10. (2.2.a-.g) Reagan to Obama

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