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Middle School Earth and Space Science (CAS) Practice

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  • Questions 1,081
  • Vocabulary Terms 186
  • Performance Tasks 127
  • Instructional Videos 61

Test Standards

  1. (9.1.a) Earth-Sun-Moon System
  2. (9.1.b) Role of Gravity
  1. (9.2.b) Scale of Solar System
  1. (10.3.a) History of Earth
  1. (10.4.a) Cycling of Earth's Materials
  2. (10.4.b) Changing Earth Surface
  1. (10.5.a) Evidence of Plate Movement
  1. (10.6.b) Cycling of Water
  2. ( 10.6.c) Air Masses and Weather Patterns
  3. (10.6.d) Regional Climates
  1. (11.8.a) Geoscience Processes
  1. (11.9.a) Natural Hazard Data
  1. (11.10.a) Human Impact on Environment
  2. (11.10.b) Human Population and Natural Resources
  1. (11.11.a) Rise in Global Temperatures

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