We Help Students Master State Standards

USATestprep provides an effective and comprehensive online solution for elementary, middle, and high school students who need to master state and national standards.

Common Core Standards

Our resources are aligned to the most recent Common Core State Standards and track progress for each student at the standard level. Our CCSS test prep and curriculum resources provide rigorous assessments to test college and career readiness.

Thousands of Practice Questions

USATestprep provides a vast number of questions aligned specifically to your state's standards.

Unlimited Custom Assessments

Included in your low subscription cost is the ability to create an unlimited number of assessments quickly and easily.

Track Student Progress

Teachers and students can quickly see overall progress and identify standards in which the most additional work is needed.

Print Resources for Teachers

Unable to access the computer lab regularly? USATestprep provides teachers with access to thousands of printable lessons that can be used anywhere and at anytime throughout the school year.

Projector Resources

Whether you're interested in using your classroom projector for a puzzling bell-ringer, a fun review game, or a class quiz, we have the curriculum resources you need for year-round success.

Interactive & Educational Games

USATestprep's games are fun and aligned to your state's standards. Students can choose a variety of exciting games: One- or two-player, test questions or vocab, and standard- or test-level. We also have team games that can be played by the whole class.

Affordable with Unlimited Users

Our simple pricing model of just $425 per course gives your entire school access to top-quality test review.