Delaware US History EOC Practice

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Civil War and Reconstruction (1850-1877)17%
Development of an Industrialized Nation (1870-1900) 17%
Emergence of Modern America (1890-1930)17%
Great Depression and World War II (1929-1945)17%
Post-war United States (1945-early 1970s)16%
Contemporary United States (1968-present) 16%
  • Questions: 1,528
  • Two-Part Items: 21
  • Vocabulary Terms: 625
  • Performance Tasks: 126
  • Instructional Videos: 151

Test Standards

Civil War and Reconstruction (1850-1877)
1. (2.B.f)  Sectional Differences
2. (B.3.a)  Fighting The Civil War
3. (B.3.b)  Lincoln's Philosophies
4. (B.c.3)  Civil War Amendments
5. (B.3.d)  Reconstruction Plans
6. (B.3.e)  Reconstruction's Impact On Society
Development of an Industrialized Nation (1870-1900)
1. (C.1.a)  New Technologies (late 1800s)
2. (C.1.b)  Business & Industry In The Gilded Age
3. (C.1.c)  Labor & Industry (late 1800s)
4. (C.1.d)  Late 1800s Immigration
5. (C.1.e)  Urbanization (late 1800s)
6. (C.1.f)  African American Experiences (late 1800s)
7. (C.1.g)  The American West
8. (C.1.h)  Native American Policy (late 1800s)
Emergence of Modern America (1890-1930)
1. (C.2.a)  Populist Movement
2. (C.2.b)  Progressive Movement
3. (C.2.c)  Women's Movement (early 1900s)
4. (C.2.e)  Spanish American War
5. (C.2.f)  US Imperialism (early 1900s)
6. (C.2.d)  Foreign Policy (early 1900s)
7. (D.1.a)  World War I
8. (D.1.b)  Science & Technology (1920s)
9. (D.1.c)  Cultural Movements (1920s)
10. (D.1.d)  Social Conflicts
Great Depression and World War II (1929-1945)
1. (D.1.e)  Great Depression: Causes
2. (D.1.f)  Great Depression: Impact
3. (D.1.g)  The New Deal
4. (E.1.a)  Pre-World War II U.S.
5. (E.1.b)  World War II
6. (E.1.d)  World War II: The Home Front
7. (E.2.e)  World War II: Technology
8. (E.1.c)  The Holocaust
Post-war United States (1945-early 1970s)
1. (E.1.f)  Cold War: Beginnings
2. (E.1.g)  Cold War: Foreign Policy
3. (E.1.h)  Vietnam War
4. (E.2.a)  Domestic Issues (Truman To Present)
5. (E.2.b)  Technology & Communication (1945 To Present)
Contemporary United States (1968-present)
1. (E.2.c)  Social Movements (1945 To Present)
2. (E.2.d)  Changes In The National Economy
3. (E.2.e)  Major Contemporary Issues
4. (E.2.f)  Global Interdependence: OPEC