District Reporting

Our district reporting provides a snapshot at the student, class, school, and district level.

Usage Stats

District administrators can monitor usage of the site at a school or test level. This will show which schools are actively using USATestprep to benefit their students and which schools need more assistance or incentive to do so. Stats can be seen for logins, tests, games, videos, and practice activities. Administrators can also pull usage reports from the prior school year.

Progress Reports

View data for practice tests, assessments, practice questions, re-tests, or any combination of these assignments. This data can be displayed at school, district, test, domain, and standard levels. Export data into Excel for easy sharing.

District Assessments

Create and view assessments district-wide. A content-area expert can use the system to choose the test they want, the standards they need to assess, and select the best questions for their specific situation.