Frequently Asked Questions

1) Are there any specific computer hardware requirements to use the site? All you need to access the site is an internet connected computer. Our program is completely web-based, so there is no software to install and maintain. The site is tested in both PC and Mac environments. It works in Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer (version 9.0 or higher). We have also tested on iOS, Android, and Kindle devices to ensure core-functionality.

2) How many students have access to the site with each subscription? A site license provides access for all students in your school, regardless of size. Students and teachers can use the site from school or home, 24/7.

3) Is this a one-time purchase or a subscription? Our service is an annual subscription.  You purchase the rights to use the site for a twelve month period.  We add to and improve the content and features on a regular basis.

4) Can you track individual student progress? Yes. Once students set up individual accounts, all completed activities are saved to the Results area. Teachers can login with their account and view student progress, track their weak areas, or monitor student activity.

5) How do you login to the site? Once you purchase a subscription, each school receives an Account ID, student activation code and teacher activation code to access the site. With this information students and teachers create individual accounts. To login, simply visit the main page and click on the “Member Login” link in the top, right corner. Type in your Schoool ID, individual username and password to begin reviewing.

6) Is USATestprep custom for each state test? Yes. We author each individual state test review to specifically match the DOE posted guidelines for that state.

7) Is there any training needed to use the site? No. This website was built to be user-friendly. Students and teachers may begin using the site effectively on the first day of purchase. However, we do offer all new accounts a free GoToMeeting online training session, and we have a series of how-to tutorial videos on every possible topic.