1st Grade ELA (prior version) Practice

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  • Questions 681
  • Vocabulary Terms 0
  • Performance Tasks 69
  • Instructional Videos 51

Test Standards

  1. (LAFS.1.RL.1.1) Ask and Answer
  2. (LAFS.1.RL.1.2) Central Message and Details
  3. (LAFS.1.RL.1.3) Characters, Setting, and Events
  4. (LAFS.1.RL.2.4) Feelings and Senses
  5. (LAFS.1.RL.2.5) Differences Between Books
  6. (LAFS.1.RL.2.6) Who is Telling the Story
  7. (LAFS.1.RL.3.7) Illustrations and Details
  8. (LAFS.1.RL.3.9) Adventures and Experiences
  1. (LAFS.1.RI.1.1) Ask and Answer Questions
  2. (LAFS.1.RI.1.2) Main Topic
  3. (LAFS.1.RI.1.3) Connections
  4. (LAFS.1.RI.2.4) Words and Phrases
  5. (LAFS.1.RI.2.5) Text Features
  6. (LAFS.1.RI.2.6) Pictures and Words
  7. (LAFS.1.RI.3.7) Key Ideas
  8. (LAFS.1.RI.3.8) Support Points
  9. (LAFS.1.RI.3.9) Compare
  1. (LAFS.1.W.1.1) Write Opinions
  2. (LAFS.1.W.1.2) Write Information Texts
  3. (LAFS.1.W.1.3) Write Narratives
  4. (LAFS.1.W.2.5) Focus, Respond, and Add Details
  5. (LAFS.1.W.2.6) Digital Tools
  6. (LAFS.1.W.3.7) Writing Projects
  7. (LAFS.1.W.3.8) Answering a Question
  1. (LAFS.1.L.1.1) Grammar and Usage
  2. (LAFS.1.L.1.2) Capitalization, Punctuation, and Spelling
  3. (LAFS.1.L.3.4) Words and Phrases
  4. (LAFS.1.L.3.5) Word Relationships

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